Does your crush like you?

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Well, that guy or girl down the hall you stare at everyday, have you ever thought about them being your girl/boyfriend? This one person inside your head that can't get out? Do they like you, is the common question. Find out if your crush likes you! (This is not 100% accurate!)

  • 1
    Does your crush talk to you a lot?
    Occasionally, but just hi, usually.
    Yeah, quite a bit!
    I end up in multiple long convos with him/her every day
    No, my crush doesn't really know me...
  • 2
    How long have you know your crush?
    Well, a few weeks ago.
    Oh, just today.
    Dude, since the beginning of my time...: D
  • 3
    Is your crush dating?
    Yes, they won't be breaking up anytime soon...
    Don't think so...
    No, she's single! She's eyeballing me, too...:)
    Nope, but she's not looking for a guy, exactly.
  • 4
    Have you touched? And if so, how did he/she do it?
    Well, we bumped on accident once...
    We didn't kiss, or maybe we did.......... ;)
    No, I try, but he/she just glares at me like I need to go away now.
    She/he high fives and pokes me and taps my back for attention a lot!
  • 5
    Does she get your attention a lot?
    Dude he/she is always tapping my shoulder to get my attention!
    My crush gets my attention so much!
    No, she avoid my attention!
    Yeah, he needs stuff for projects sometimes.
  • 6
    Is she near you? Like standing at sometimes.
    No, she avoids me! (If you get lots of A's in this quiz, no offense, but why did you take this quiz?)
    He/she is always right behind me!
    He's always somewhere near me!
    She is sometimes.
  • 7
    How close are you? Like friend wise. 0 is hatred, and 100 is besties/love maybe.
    75-100% YAAY
  • 8
    When you talk, what is the talking about?
    We talk on projects/plays for games.
    Everything and anything! Plus lots of jokes and hints of dating:)
    Yes, we talk about most stuff.
    We don't... *sigh*
  • 9
    Do you think she likes you?
  • 10
    Sorry when I said he or she only I meant your crush sorry!

    Scenario: your crush is in the hospital with a deadly, contagious disease. What do you do?
    Let her down easy with a "I can't like you anymore. Bye."
    Maybe go in the room, talk to her, and send flowers and letters. Just stick with her.
    No contact, the lines might be infected already!
    Send in flowers, and don't go in the room.

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