Does he secretly like you? (body language)

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You never talk, you never say hi yet you've a huge crush on him- who knows, maybe he does as well. There's more to words and teasing a girl that gives away a boys emotions and desires.

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    Ok, simple question, do you ever catch him staring at you before you look at him?

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Girl in love (96574)
22 days ago
The results are like-
'Oh....I think he has his eyes on you...oh la la.'
What does this mean
Natalya (36232)
23 days ago
((blue)so I have a crush on this guy but he has a girlfriend but he sends mixed signals that he likes me and I think he likes me as well anyone got any suggestions should I tell him how I feel or not
brit (45124)
24 days ago
i like this guy i’m a freshman and he’s a senior and we text a lot sometimes but it’s like as if when he gets too close to me he unfollows me or blocks me. i don’t think he wants to like me. but this quiz showed all signs that he does... :)))
Bonna (25826)
32 days ago
I still have a crush on my ex and i took this quiz turns out he still likes me. I just found out today I'm so happy.
Aria (09848)
32 days ago
The guy I like and I were childhood friends, and I knew he liked me.He's chill and funny so that"s why I started liking him but know I switched schools and still have a thing for him!!!!😭😩
I have a problem though when I know he likes me I move on a few months later vise versa.
I will never have a happy ending!☹😞😭
Nisha (75564)
34 days ago
I love him a lot and I hope he loves me too
Anuprabha (41829)
45 days ago
He like me but hate him. LOL. 😆 is this a true answer???
Nishika (70224)
143 days ago
Thank God did! !! My crush has a huge crush on me so happy
katy (83695)
359 days ago
overtime i look at him he raises his eyebrows and sometimes he smiles and sometimes he makes a funny face. What does it mean?
Quiz Lover (54091)
383 days ago
This guy is rumored to have a crush on me and he always try to impress someone...
Eyren Red (57437)
396 days ago
The guy I like run his hand through his hair when i walk past him,he avoided my gaze when Icought him glance @ me.means?
Jacky (03406)
402 days ago
You know ive got nearly the same problem... and i already had it like 1000 times yet XD
Jacky (03406)
402 days ago
@Rae Suarez
Smile at him (just a little) show him you noticed him. I always do it like this: talk to a friend of mine when I walk past him and smile at him. If he likes you he will think you like him too and if not he will be just like: "okay she smiled because of what her friend was telling her" (also works with phoning a friend while your crush is around. Try it! Good luck :)
Rae Suarez (54810)
402 days ago
But we do not talking what should I do now?
Jacky (03406)
403 days ago
@Rae Suarez
Does he have this "Justin Bieber" Haircut? Of not its definetly a sign he likes you. He stumps his feet?! Okayy...a boy did that ones because he was angry with me...
Rae Suarez (64125)
404 days ago
If a guy run his hand through his hair and stump his feet when Im around,what does it mean?
Jacky (03406)
405 days ago
smile at him and wait for his reaction
or talk to him but i guess thats no possibility right? 😉
joy (43798)
405 days ago
i love him but the problem is we don't talk to each other.sometimes i find him looking at me what should i do?
Sophie jones (69915)
459 days ago
He loves me but i dont love him hahahhaha
Lacey (18773)
499 days ago
I luv him so much but i dnt knw if he luvs me....