What Creepypasta Watches Over You?

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Though they kill they can also protect. Take this quiz and see which pasta protects you.

  • 1
    What appeals to you the most?
  • 2
    Pick a power.
    Is candy a power?
    Torcher (sorry can't spell)
    I have no power just stealth
  • 3
    What are you surrounded by
    Mockery, bullying.
    I'm not surrounded by anything. They all just run away
    Sadness but I smile through
    Myself. Isolated in my own world
  • 4
    .. .. ..
  • 5
    What kind of guy/girl would you go for?
    The invisible one, the one that's hard to get but easy to find
    Maybe the quite one but not to quite to stand up for her/himself
    One with a sad life but smiles through even in very tough times
    The one people bully but once you get closer they're beautiful
    The seemingly isolated one but fun to be around when you know the properly
  • 6
    What seems life a luxury to you
    Me not being the only one smiling
    Friends and people surrounding me
    People not bullying me
    Happiness, myself and others
    For me to be open with everyone
  • 7
    One more fate
  • 8
    How would you treat your children?
    I'd teach them that rings will get better
    I'd teach them how to smile in hatred
    I'd help them with any worries
    I'd just give them a better life than me
    I'd make them know they're not alone
  • 9
    How would you like to die?
    Getting over the haters
    Knowing I'm not the only one smiling
    Having people around me
    Finally breaking down my walls
    Knowing that the sadness is gone
  • 10
    Pick a pasta
    Slender man
    Laughing Jack
    Jeff the killer
    Smile dog

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Eyeless Jack ( 24.85 )
Posted 37 days ago
and I got BEN drowned
Eyeless Jack ( 24.85 )
Posted 37 days ago
I saw that there was no eyeless jack so I didn't really like it no eyeless jack=my heart broken
starcool565 ( 7.184 )
Posted 54 days ago
i think slendy is watching me...
xXCupcake-CultXx ( 10.58 )
Posted 147 days ago
And the answers..? Eeehh, no. Just no. They are boring too.

I mean, this test is absolutely NOT special and good in my opinion, because I've seen A LOT of tests like this one. It's just...a ordinary test, nothing ''great'' about it.

Sry, but I don't want to be rude or something but thats my opinion
xXCupcake-CultXx ( 10.58 )
Posted 147 days ago
The questions are kinda...boring. (sry
Caden ( 6.126 )
Posted 148 days ago
Why do you not have sonic.exe
Just why
OK I'm done
Laughter the killer ( 44.58 )
Posted 151 days ago
For the what you would like and they how would you like to fie I chose a random one because I'm more OF A vreepypasta then watched by one. Also I hate fate.
Werwolf 03 ( 18.56 )
Posted 162 days ago
(My English isn`t the best, so excuse me if something isn`t right)
Okay, this whole Test seems good to me, but there are a few critical points.
-There are some Questions where you just know which answer you have to take for getting your "Darling". Don`t you think this is a bit-you know-boring for a test like that?

-For a good test, you should not use "Fate Questions". This destroys almost the whole-how can i say-"Aura" of the test.

-You´re using usual questions, which you can find in almost any test. This makes the whole Test look like a test from...i don´t know....

(I don´t want to hurt anybody, i just try to help! You must remember that point!)
Mei ( 7.212 )
Posted 190 days ago
"he will be there to stop you from going to sleep"is it positive or negative?
Anna ( 48.97 )
Posted 282 days ago
That actually made me sad. I have a lot of problems in my life and I really like these kinds of quizzes so I had to decide which answer best fit me...wow. Emotional.