What Warrior are You?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Zerrick - Developed on: - 20.169 taken

What type of fictional warrior is residing inside you

  • 1
    What are the basic tenants of your training?
    Stealth and strategy is key to victory.
    To always seek ways to further my training.
    I was trained to utterly destroy my enemies.
    Protection of the innocent is paramount.
  • 2
    You have an enemy cornered after a long chase. What do you do?
    Extract what vital information he possesses and dispose of him.
    You bring him in as a a prisoner. He no longer poses a threat.
    You already know what you need to know. Finish him.
    If he poses any further threat end it.
  • 3
    War is eminent. How do you direct your forces?
    Crush your enemy. Live none to oppose you
    Protect your own
    Use your training to personally extract intel vital to victory
    War is about strategy. Out maneuver them, and victory is yours.
  • 4
    A new trainer sees potential to further your power. How do you respond?
    Power is power.
    Use them to tap into the power they see inside of you. Then make sure they train no one else.
    It may be a trap to weaken you. Accept their aid, but keep an eye on them.
    Always be willing to accept further instruction
  • 5
    Your leader is corrupt and a detriment to your people's well being. What do you do?
    Challenge him to openly
    Follow orders, but take evidence against him to expose or exploit him
    Arrange his assassination and dispose of all others who pose a threat
    Make his corruption known to those who can have him removed
  • 6
    You are leader, and there is word of a coup. What do you do?
    Hunt them all down, leaders and pawns
    The leaders will meet swift ends, by your hand or your trusted allies
    Lure the leaders of the insurrection into the open and suppress them with either military power or imprisonment
    Remind them why you are in power with displays against your enemies
  • 7
    What is the source of your power?
    Desire to protect the masses
    Anger and lust for power
    Training from the best
    Drive to the strongest
  • 8
    Your loved ones are threatened by an unknown enemy. What do you do?
    Hear their demands and work from there
    Leave nothing in your wake until the enemy is no longer a threat
    What loved ones?
    Use their love as drive to become strong enough to defeat them
  • 9
    A long-time enemy has decided to come to your side. What is your reaction?
    Take them in and have your leaders deal with them
    They may prove a vital ally, but keep close tabs on them
    It is likely a trick. Learn what you can from them and make sure they don't turn coats again
    Everyone can redeem themselves
  • 10
    It is the end of your long rule/life. Who is your legacy?
    The next to rise and become an even better defender
    My once student, who is the one to strike me down
    My strongest disciple
    My most worthy student

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