What Naruto Character are you?

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25 Questions - Developed by: Sasuke Naru Uchiha - Developed on: - 24.032 taken

This quiz has some opinion based questions....
Are you Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Itachi, or Suigetsu?

  • 1
    Who would you rather hang out with; Jiraiya, The Akatski, Orochimaru, Tsunade, or Kakashi?
    The Akatski, duh
    Orochimaru... I guess
    Grandma Tsunade of course... or maybe Jiraiya
    I don't know... none of them
    Lady Tsunade or Kakashi-sensei
  • 2
    What's your favorite food?
    Many foods.
    I don't really have a favorite food... Does Sasuke-kun count?
    I don't really eat
  • 3
    Who would you not mind being stuck in a room with? Sasuke, Naruto, Orochimaru, or The Akatski?
    The Akatski
    Either Naruto or Orochimaru
    I'd be fine stuck in a room with Sasuke
  • 4
    Which ship is your favorite?
    NaruSasu <3
    SasuNaru <3
  • 5
    What's your favorite color(s)?
    Light Blue like water
    Black and Red
    Black and Blue
    Blue and Orange!
  • 6
    If you saw your crush, what would you do?
    Tell them that I like them or be casual
    Say a very friendly hi then hug him
    Pretend to hate the person
    Give them hints that I like them then someday confess
    Say hi but pretend to not like them
  • 7
    What's your favorite kind of music?
    Romantic love songs
    Pop and rap
    Emo and Goth music
    Any kind
    Really happy dancy music!
  • 8
    What do you do on your days off?
    Think about things
    Play with my swords
    Train a little then eat RAMEN!
  • 9
    It's the tenth question in the Chunin exams, are you ready?
    Yes, of course I am! CHA!
    I don't know I was never in one of those
    Umm... I took that forever ago
    I am not, but I pretend to be so that I don't let my team down
  • 10
    What do you do to cheat at the Chunin exam paper test?
    I don't need to cheat, I'm already prepared
    Um... nothing
    I use my Saringan to copy people's hand movements
    I don't cheat because I don't know how
  • 11
    How well do you think you will do for the rest of the Chunin exam?
    If I need help Naruto or Sasuke will save me
    .......................... Well I already passed so.........
    Great! I'm awesome!
    I'm gonna do good I think but I will not save Sakura
    ? -_-
  • 12
    OK, pretend the Akatski are after you, what do you do?
    I'm in the Akatski: P
    Hide and hope they don't find me
    ...... nothing, I beat them
    Train really hard so I can beat them
    Hope they don't capture me and train really hard
  • 13
    If you woke up at 12:00 AM because ninjas came into your house to beat you up, what would you do? (sorry if anything is spelled wrong)
    Tell them: "You don't know who you're trying to mess with!"
    Beat them up or use makekyeo Saringan
    Use my sword against them and win
    Tell 'em: "Don't underestimate me!" then beat them
    Scream for help
  • 14
    Is there someone who understands you?
    Yes... Sasuke
    I don't need to be understood
    No, is that a bad thing?
    I wish I did
  • 15
    Have you lost anyone dear?
    My beloved brother/sister
    A lot of people I hold dear to my heart
    Yes... a really good friend
    My crush...
  • 16
    If you were Sasuke, would you go back to the village?
    No, maybe, I don't know
    Of Course!
  • 17
    Is this quiz getting boring?
    Yea, but I clicked on it
    Nope, this is keeping me entertained
    Yea, kind of, but I'm eating RAMEN!
    Sort of
  • 18
    Are you ready for the last question?
    Uh... yea
    Yes, but this is only question 18 -_-
  • 19
    Still 6 more questions to go
    Aww over so soon
    Aww why?
  • 20
    Would you want to be friends with me irl?
    Nah, I don't really like people
    YES! I love meeting new people and getting new friends!
  • 21
    Ok, here's a serious question... Do you like pie?
    Nah, I only like water
    No! Eww I hate sweets!
  • 22
    Ok... Do you like Cake or Dounuts?
    Again I only like water
    Yes! Of course, but I like ramen more!
    No, again sweets
    Yea, they're good
  • 23
    What about tomatoes?
    Of course! I love Tomatoes!
    I ONLY like water
    No, not really
    Sure, why not
  • 24
    Did you like this quiz?
    It was okay, a little too long though
    Not really
  • 25
    Well... Goodbye
    Aww goodbye
    Aww... bye

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