What sexuality are you? (girls only)

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I've done my fair share of these tests and the scenarios were either completely unbelievable, none of them applied to me, or they were based off offensive stereotypes. This test could let you know whether you’re straight, bisexual, lesbian, pansexual, or just bi-curious.

(disclaimer: asexuality and aromanticism are not included for now)

  • 1
    Imagine yourself having sex with the partner of your dreams… What are you imagining?
  • 2
    In any TV show, what kind of characters do you ship the most?
  • 3
    The first thing that pops in your head when you're horny...
  • 4
    Which future seems the most like what you expect yours to be?
  • 5
    A guy you're close with and used to have a crush on (whether it's possible or not) asks you out. Your reaction?
  • 6
    A beautiful and talented girl you're close with asks you out. Your reaction?
  • 7
    Would you get butterflies if a hot guy asked you out?
  • 8
    What kind of porn do you/would you watch?
  • 9
    Would making your girlfriend feel loved make you happy?
  • 10
    What would your friends think if you told them you were a lesbian?
  • 11
    Finally, what result wouldn't come as a shock to you?

Comments (134)


Kate (95066)
3 days ago
I think i'm more lesbian xd
i love you girls
Kate (95066)
3 days ago
36% lesbian
36% bisexual
27% pansexual
0% bi-curious
0% straight
My mom is going to kill me...
Monica (84031)
3 days ago
27% bi curious
18% pan
18% Les
AGAIN 18% bi
Even more 18% straight
Omg I'm still so confused 😐
Gabrielle (70594)
4 days ago
45% Bi
27% Pan
18% Lesbo
9% Bi curious
0% Straight
This quiz actually got my sexuality right! But I'd say I'm more lesbian than pansexual.
sOpHiA (64946)
11 days ago
Love me some nice tits and a perfect💗BIH IM LESBO SQUAD UP GURLS
ains (49251)
11 days ago
hey...im really confused at the moment....I mean I have had crushes on men but lately ive been liking the thought of girls....im twelve, thirteen in a few weeks and if anyone could help me please
Alice (86108)
12 days ago
So I'm a lesbian and I want to find a way to come out easily but I don't know how!!!Please read+help!!!!!!
Bella (82514)
15 days ago
I am definitely straight and I'm happy 🙂😊
Trixy (82514)
15 days ago
I an
Amanda (68747)
16 days ago
Im proud to be lesbian lol,But i already knew i was a bit attrected to Girls....
rebbeca (51539)
18 days ago
im 0% strieght an am well proud... proud to be lasbian... proud to live as a lesbian... proud of my life as a full lesbo
nicole (01851)
19 days ago
I'll probably die stuck in the closet
Robyn (47104)
20 days ago
Confirmed I am about as straight as an origami crane. (Well I'm pansexual but my results were)
73% Pansexual
18% Bisexual
9% Bi curious
0% Lesbian or straight

Also, off topic but I was joking with my friend about how the vending machines don't take crumpled dollar bills and I said "It only takes what's straight, unlike me" and nothing was better than seeing her half asleep face snort with laughter (If you're curious she's asexual)
jade (86657)
21 days ago
i kinda like boys and i kinda like girls
Shaquoya (46057)
21 days ago
I like girls n boys
Abgil Howell (79943)
21 days ago
I've always loved girls and I'm 11 in 5th grade.
My sexuality confuses me!!!!! (17510)
22 days ago
Ahhh!!!!! This just made me more confused. I like girls and boys and i'm an 11 year old girl. Although I've always liked boys i can never imagine being in a serious relationship with one or getting married to one. Girls i like more than boys, although i can't seem to find any girls for me to like and all my real life crushes have only ever been with boys. My results were: [ 45% Lesbian] [36% bicurious] [18% bisexual] and 0% pan and straight. / AS IF I ALREADY DIDN'T KNOW I WAS NOT STRAIGHT/ AHHHHHHHH! Sincerley, A sexually confused 11 year old named Julissa.
Kalla (80459)
25 days ago
36% Pansexual, 36% bisexual, 27% bi-curious, 0% lesbian, 0% straight xD
milliana (14926)
26 days ago
27% pansexual
27% bisexual
18% bi-curious
18% lesbian
9% stright
milliana (14926)
26 days ago
between pansexual and bisexual XD