Are You Offensive or Defensive?

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Title says it all!

  • 1
    You're on one end of a battlefield and your enemy is on the other. What's your plan?
    Wait! Why am I on a battle field?
    Hold your ground and wait for them to come to you.
    Charge first and hit them fast when they're unsuspecting.
  • 2
    Someone outwardly accuses you of something you know you're guilty of. What do you do?
    Back at 'em! I saw what they did last weekend...
    I didn't do it!
  • 3
    A mugger holds a gun to you and demands all of your money. What's your response?
    Kick his a**! It's my money!
    Quickly disarm him (maybe hit his nut sack) and run.
    OMG! This is life or death!
  • 4
    You see your best friend getting bullied. What do you do?
    S/he's fine and can take care of themselves.
    Tell them to back the heck off and leave.
    Pick on my friends and you deal with ME!
  • 5
    You spot the guy/girl you like, what do you do?
    Look cool/cute, and wait for them to ask you out.
    Too nervous...
    Ask 'em out! Duh!
  • 6
    There's a vicious dog charging you, and you only have a jacket and a knife. What's the plan?
    Charge it, throw the jacket in its face, tackle it to the ground, and stab it.
    Wrap the jacket around one forearm and hold it in front of you, wait for it to come to you and bite your extended padded forearm, and stab it.
  • 7
    Describe yourself.
    Smart, friendly, polite, kind.
    Bold, outgoing, energetic, impulsive.
    Calm, quiet, patient, observant.
  • 8
    Opinion on cowards?
    They're cowards and should be very ashamed of themselves!
    They're weak and selfish, but still people.
    The bloody bastards! I'll see 'em in hell!
  • 9
    You're at Subway, what do you get?
    Whatever I'm in the mood for.
    The special, but how I like it.
    My usual.
  • 10
    Don't kill me, but how did you like this quiz?
    I'm gonna kill you!
    Not that bad.
    Ok, good job!

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Paul ( 4.195 )
Posted 141 days ago
What? Me rather run? Bull. I'll kick your ass!