Does Your Crush Really Love You?

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13 Questions - Developed by: Tori - Developed on: - 10.509 taken

All of the questions and choices really happened between my crush and I, and my friend's crush and her! So, it's a 50/50 chance of him liking you! And Remember: Be Honest: Honest Result!

  • 1
    Your crush is sitting next to you in math, all of a sudden he asks you a question randomly! You...
    Feel fluttery inside.
    Really! It's a stupid question! I don't gotta get worked up about it!
    You say "I'm Sorry, I don't know" and continue your work
    Blush and answer the question
    You die inside. "Yay!" My crush talked to me!
  • 2
    It's just you and your crush on a team in gym. You..
    He betrays you, and sends all his friends to tag you out.
    He just leaves you and then you get tagged
    Say "Let's come up with a plan to win!" And you forget you ever liked him.
    Blush every single time he asked for you to be back up
    You both come up with a way to win. Then you win!
  • 3
    You’re thirsty, so you ask your teacher to get a drink. On the way there you see your crush at his locker. It's just you two in the hall way. You...
    Don't even care and head to get some water
    Stop and stare at him.
    Go up to him and shut his locker and run away
    You decide to storm up a chat, but then you get in trouble
    Quickly walked by, but see him looking at you from the corner of your eye.
  • 4
    Yay! It's the first school dance of the year! You wear your hair down, and you put on a cute pink dress. Hopefully your crush notices you! You...
    Sit out when the slow dances come on until your crush asks you. (Which he doesn't)
    You leave. It was stupid! And your crush didn't even see you!
    Your crush comes and asks you to slow dance but you say no.
    Decide to get a cookie, when your crush is there. He then talks to you.
    You dance with your friends and you don't even think about your crush.
  • 5
    Oh No! Your crush has been hanging out with your friend! And NOT you! You..
    Don't care. It's just your friend. Besides everyone can hang out!
    Ask to hang out with them.
    Ditch your friend. Who needs her!
    Let's give them some private time *wink*
    Feel jelly. So you come up with a plan to embarrass your friend.
  • 6
    It's Valentines Day! And you got your crush a card that says: "Valentine, your so cute!" You..
    You slowly walk to his desk and quickly throw the valentine on his desk and scurry away.
    Decide not to pass out your cards. What! There stupid anyways!
    Give it to him with pride.
    Decide to give it to him in private. You never know, he just might give you a smooch!
    Throw that card away and get one that says: "Valentine, you are so cool!"
  • 7
    Your crush is on a cruise! (Lucky!) So the whole week at school you...
    Don't even miss him! He's just a boy! Jeez!
    Who cares? He's having fun and I'm having fun here!
    Cry day and night! He's so lucky to go on a cruise!
    Feel free! Without him here, you can make a mistake, scratch your butt or be completely wild!
    Miss him! I can't leave without his face in my life!
  • 8
    How often does he text you?
    Never! He doesn't even have my number!
    He has my number, but never texts.
    A lot! But....only to me and 2 other Girls on group chat...
    Every day! It's like he is my texting buddy!
    Just..don't rub it in...please..
  • 9
    How often do you dream about him?
    Never... But he tells me he dreams of me!: D
    Only my friend dreams of us kissing and getting married... It's weird...
    Once a week I guess
    Never.... That's just creepy...
    Every single FLIPPING night!
  • 10
    Is your crush older or younger then you?
    He's older by 24 years (did I mention he's a rock star!)
    We are the same. Whoa.,.that's kinda creepy actually...
    He's older *sigh*
    I'm older by 4 months!
    Younger by a year. Why? Is that weird I like someone way younger than me!
  • 11
    Do you two have special moments? Like just the two of you?
    No... That's just...awkward...
    Once a year at a school event.
    Yes...everyday at my house.:)
    In my dreams...
    Once he kissed me in a private place at school!
  • 12
    Has he ever touched you?
    Only in my dreams..
    Just a few times by accident!
    We hold hands every day!
    Once. His hand felt dry and hard.
  • 13
    Last Question. A-Z what's your crushes name start with?

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