What kind of a person are YOU?

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Do you know what type of personality you have? Take this test to see for yourself!

  • 1
    Which combination of clothes would you feel comfortable in?
    Plain short-sleeved top, blue slightly baggy jeans and a black analogue watch.
    Black or grey tracksuit bottoms (baggy), dark colored hoodie. with hood pulled over face and sleeves over hands.
    A strapless top, revealing skirt, fake nails, lots of makeup and high heels.
    Light-colored short-sleeve top, denim shorts, sandals and friendship bracelets.
  • 2
    What are you most likely to do in a break at work, school or another academic environment?
    Sit with a group of friends and laugh and chat about the weekend.
    Sit and read a book along with a hot drink.
    Sit alone and think about all of the lucky, so-called "popular's".
    Violate the rules in some form OR hang out with a large group of people and be boisterous.
  • 3
    What would you be most likely to be found doing in your free time?
    Watching TV, playing computer games or social networking.
    Sitting alone thinking about how miserable life is.
    Out cycling, walking, hiking or joining adventurous clubs.
    Volunteer work for a charity or organisation that interests you.
  • 4
    What are your favourite subjects?
    Geography and Business Studies.
    English and R.E.
    History and PSHEE.
    P.E. and Design Technology
  • 5
    Who is more likely to inspire you?
    Bear Grylls
    Rosa Parks
    David Attenborough
    Billie Joel Armstrong
  • 6
    Which holiday destination would suit you best?
    Great Britain
  • 7
    Which natural disaster would you prefer to be in?
    Drought - I could use my knowledge to survive this!
    Flood - I could get somewhere high and not get affected.
    Who cares - I would die in all of them...
    Tornado or twister - Whoa! What an awesome sight! The ADRENALINE, dude!
  • 8
    What's your favourite season?
  • 9
    Which is your favourite weather?
    Scorching sunshine
    Gentle sun and breeze
    Hail stone
  • 10
    Who would you rather have as a friend? (based on personality)
    Someone who is humorous and bubbly!
    Someone who is mostly quiet, but stands up for what they believe is right.
    Someone who agrees with me - pessimism is the way forward.
    Someone who is always taking risks and yells "YOLO!"
  • 11
    Which would you do at a nightclub?
    Have 1 small alcoholic drink and talk with friends while listening to the music.
    Drink, dance and laugh but NOT get drunk.
    Dance like crazy, try lots of different alcoholic drinks, scream, shout and be a rebel.
    Sit alone and drink till you pass out.
  • 12
    Who would you rather live with for the rest of your life?
    Someone who moans about life but sympathises with your pessimism.
    Someone who is considerate, optimistic and ALWAYS loving.
    Someone who goes on holiday all the time to exotic places, someone who takes risks, and someone who has no fear of death.
    Someone who loves you and has a peaceful personality.
  • 13
    What would you do if someone threatened to beat you up?
    Engage in a battle to the death. ARGH!
    Do anything to get out of the situation, even if they ask you to do something embarrassing.
    Let them - It's not worth standing up for myself...
    Stand up for what you think is right in that situation but refuse to resolve to conflict yourself.
  • 14
    If someone tried to mug you, what would you do?
    Yell for help and try to call the police while running away.
    Kick them in the 'place-where-it-hurts' and beat the hell out of them.
    Stay calm and call for help - conflict doesn't resolve anything.
    Stand there wondering why the HELL God was doing this to you. "Why is it always ME!"
  • 15
    If someone dared you to take an illegal drug that they were offering you, what would you do?
    Call the police and engage in conflict until they arrive - no point in being beaten up when you can fight AND enjoy it!
    Refuse politely and ask them if they wanted professional help to get off the drugs.
    Refuse and never go near the person again for fear of harassment.
    Snatch it and snort it in the hope that it will take away the pains of life.
  • 16
    Your baby is crying - yes, you have a baby - so what do you do?
    Put it in the car and drive super fast - Both can enjoy as long as the baby is calm or asleep!
    Give it a dummy, change its nappy and hope for the best.
    Cry with it or just let it cry
    Sing it a song and play with it until it's happy again.
  • 17
    You are given £100. What do you do with it?
    Go clothes shopping with your awesome friends!
    Go on an adventure - hiking in the mountains, scuba diving in the ocean, etc.
    Go out drinking to drown in your miseries.
    Put it in the bank OR go out for a meal.
  • 18
    If you could choose any of the following jobs, what would it be?
    Soldier/Army medic
    Driving Instructor
    Social Worker
  • 19
    Your crush asks you whether he/she can kiss you. What do you do?
    Say no, why would you want to kiss ME?
    Say yes and wait for them to kiss you before you kiss them back.
    Snog and start making out.
    Say yes of course and kiss them passionately on the lips.
  • 20
    You have to take part in a charitable fundraiser. What do you choose to do to raise money?
    Parachute from a plane
    Run a marathon with your friends - they love to help charities too!
    Sponsored Walk
    Anything the charity wants me to do - I won't raise much, whatever I do...

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