Are you really a Larry Shipper?

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Over the years, there have been a lot said about this particular ship. Some people think Louis and Harry are actually in love, and some people think it's just a bromance. Surprisingly, a small chunk of the fandom thinks they're not even friends anymore. What are you?

  • 1
    What went on during The X Factor?
    They might have shown a lot of affection towards one another, but nothing that could've implied there was something else going on
    Unnaturally, adorably close and touchy-feely
    They got to know each other the same way they did with the rest of the band
  • 2
    UAN tour and promotions?
    Over-the-top and dramatic PDA from the whole band
    The whole band was overly touchy, nothing stood out as something more than friendship
    Stolen glances and hidden gestures
  • 3
    What about them living together?
    They did have a special friendship. They were just really close friends
    Harry was 16 and he agreed to move in with his 18-year-old boyfriend, whom he hasn't known for a whole year yet. True love shit happening
    They just enjoyed each other's company. Friends could live together without being in love
  • 4
    Opinion on Elounor?
    Bile just came up in my throat
    Soooo damn cute!
    Eh, I like her outfits
  • 5
    Why did Louis and Harry stop basically living out of each other's pockets?
    Because people started thinking they were actually gay
    Management consists of a bunch of homophobic shitbags
    Because Louis got Eleanor and the fans were hurting her
  • 6
    Do they still live together?
    No, Louis asked Harry to move out when he started dating Eleanor
    If they didn't how would they be shagging every night?
    Of course not that would prove they're gay, which they are not
  • 7
    What's their relationship like now?
    Probably just waiting for Louis to shave the beard so they could get married. I mean, they're basically married already
    They feel uncomfortable around each other because people think they're gay
    Just like Harry and Zouis. A bromance
  • 8
    What role does management play in this?
    They didn't have to do anything, it's sooo obvious Louis and Harry just don't like spending time together anymore
    Shoved them in a closet and nailed the doors shut
    They asked them not to be as affectionate with each other to ease the rumours
  • 9
    Do you think they've ever kissed?
    Well if Ziam admitted to kissing once maybe Larry did too
    Duh. They kissed on stage ffs
    What no ew
  • 10
    I ran out of questions, so what do YOU think you are?
    Elounor ftw yayay
    I believe in true love
    Complete bromance

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