How much do you like your crush?

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This test will prove how much you like your crush

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    If your crush asked you out what would you say?
    OMG YES😍😍😍
    Say no I'm not ready😔😔😔
    Say yes and hug him😊😊😊
    Say yea sure☺️☺️☺️

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Candy ( 7.164 )
Posted 81 days ago
What is life? Love is such a hard concept to grasp.
Jaden ( 3.127 )
Posted 83 days ago
I like this guy in my class and sometimes he comes over to my table and asks me to lend him like my pen or correction tape when he can just ask the girl in front of him for her correction tape(I'm sitting at the back) My crush is really cute but I always see girls talking to him playing with him and flirting... even my close friend Kathy flirts with him (she sits infront of him) I told her I like him and then she starts acting weird over this past few days (alot of boys like her) she keeps trying to get my crush to like her she plays with his stuff talks to him and looks him in the eye (how I know this I stare at where my crush is sitting) I feel sad looking at them but my friends keep saying he likes me but I don't know
Miss EnderDragon ( 6.201 )
Posted 93 days ago
Cute and fun quiz! There are a few grammar mistakes (hey, hardly anybody nowadays has perfect grammar anyways), but other than that, it's a super awesome quiz! I'm gonna show this to my sister :)
Mimi ( 9.157 )
Posted 97 days ago
I've had a huge crush on my best friend for 3 years now. It's a lesbian crush, and I've told her before when I came out and it kinda ruined our friendship. We became friends again and now we kind of joke about it sometimes, but no matter how much I try I can't stop my crush. The problem is I don't want to tell her because I know she doesn't have the same feelings because she likes her friend Austin. But the strange thing is my mom and most of my friends think she will end up being a lesbian in high school because she's very masculine and she rarely ever talks about boys. Even if that does happen it doesn't mean she would like me back, I just hate liking someone who will never like me back.
happy days ( 2.111 )
Posted 99 days ago
I'm in love with my crush and I'm going to tell her. It's a lesbian crush though, so there's a small chance she's a lesbian, and even if she was, why would she like me?! But, I still think she likes me back (maybe loves)!
Rainbow ( 125.0 )
Posted 102 days ago
I love him so much so on q2 id let hom do it:)
Selene ( 161.3 )
Posted 108 days ago
I'm pretty good friends with my crush. I usually see him staring at me. Gosh, I get so nervous around him! But I know he likes me because his best friend told me. :D
Katherine ( 8.201 )
Posted 145 days ago
My crush likes another girl, and this makes me really sad.I dont have the chance to ever talk to him, and i wonder if he even knows that i exist. i just dont know what i should so, because i cant stop liking him­čśČ
2928 ( 7.253 )
Posted 182 days ago
I love my crush I liked him for 3 years but I'm to shy to talk to him. We talk occasionally,but not a lot and we aren't even friends. I would want to be his friend at least. He likes me because I catch his staring at me with his mouth open. Lol! He is the only crush I have and I know he likes me but I'm still afraid to talk to him which is very unfortunate. Every time I think of him blood rushes to my cheeks. And he is perfect too. He plays basketball, is really tall, and even has a jaw line.... I would love to at least be friends with him
Posted 184 days ago
Why is this only meant for girls - can't guys have a crush? :/

I'm doing this quiz... for a friend... btw.
jamie ( 87.64 )
Posted 215 days ago
Loving this test I really needed some advice and It really helped me on finding my true love and it said Ireally love him so i think that now
Peris ( 1.144 )
Posted 238 days ago
i can't wait to be next to him... I am going crazy in fantasy