Does a guy like you?

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Hey ppl! Hope you like my quiz and it REALLY helps you get situated with your crush. PEACE!

  • 1
    Does your crush ever talk to you?
    Sometimes, simple talk like the weather and our lives.....
    No NEVER. He ignores me and stays away from me!😭
    Sometimes, but not that much. It's just simple like question answers.
    Yeah, all the time we are bff's
  • 2
    Whenever you guys brush by each other does he start to blush?
    I get a tingly feeling inside me but he really doesn't notice it unless I didn't see he noticed it
    Yeah he just looks at me and says sorry and we stare into each other's eyes for like forever....
    Like I said HE IGNORES ME. He keeps his space from me and never is near me!
    Yeah he does and I start blushing and run away to my BFF's
  • 3
    Does his friends ever talk to you?
    His friends always come up to me and says,"DO U LIKE HIM?"
    Yeah his friends always flirt with me. And then he turns the conversation around so they stop it
    No, his friends HATES ME. They bully me all the time
    HE HAS FRIENDS? He is always hanging around me
    Yeah all the time we are all cool
  • 4
    Does he ever come close to you on purpose?
    Yeah he always puts his arm on my shoulder
    He high-fives me sometimes but that's all between us
    Did you hear me? I said HE DOESNT COME NEAR ME, HE IGNORES ME!
    We came close to kissing before but.....
    He hugs me sometimes and comes near me if I'm cold but like I said, we are friends.
  • 5
    Did he ever tell you he liked you?
    Who told you he liked me?
    Like me? He barely TALKS to me
    Yeah he says that every day to me. Then it becomes awkward.....
  • 6
    Did he ask you out?
    Yeah and we are dating now!😉
    Never but I always feel like he wants to say something to me....
    Yeah a couple times but I said I'm not ready since my last break up....
  • 7
    Does he say he loves you?
    All the time it's really cute
    Yeah but as a friendly way
    Haven't I told you HE DOESNT TALK TO ME
    No I wish though😥
  • 8
    Does he ever stare at you and look away when you see him?
    Yeah but idk we are just friends
    Yeah he looks at me then stares at the ground then looks at me again
    No I wish though......
    All the time and sometimes we just lock eyes like not ones watching
  • 9
    Does he ever give you things?(ex. Flowers, bracelet, necklace, ect.)
    I've seen him doing that to other girls but not me....
    He has even gave me a diamond bracelet
    Yeah and he even puts the necklace on for me
  • 10
    Does he ever flirt with other girls?
    No not once he just stays with me.
    Yeah all the time! He jokes around with them.
    Yeah but never to me.:(
    A couple times, but only to be friendly.
  • 11
    Does he sometimes act like your bodyguard?
    No I'm always on my own
    Yeah he backs me up all the time and kicks the ppl's butt if they make me cry
    Sometimes, but only when I really need it.
    ALWAYS! Even the slightest insult to me he flips them over
  • 12
    Does he have a girlfriend or talk about girls he likes?
    Never not once he always talks about us
    Nope not once CAUSE HE DOESNT TALK TO ME!
    Yeah all the time and only to me
    Sometimes bout this one girl that's REALLY pretty.....
  • 13
    Does he fight with your ex if he calls you a hoe?
    Ugh yeah and he REALLY gets into it like breaking his nose
    No he just stays away from the scene
    He just blocks my view from him and just tells me,"Fuck him"
    Not once, but that's because I've never had a boyfriend....
  • 14
    Did you REALLY answer these questions true fully
    Only a few...
    Well most of them.....
    One but only one!
  • 15
    How old are you? (Tell me your range and his range too)
    12-15 both
    21 over his is in college
    16- idk how old he is
    16-18 he is 18

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