Are you bisexual?

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Are you unsure whether you are bisexual, but you have your suspicions? Take this test to give you an idea.

  • 1
    You are taking this quiz because you think that you might be bisexual.
  • 2
    You think that your result will be that you are bisexual.
  • 3
    Boys; You have passionately kissed a male.
    Girls; You have passionately kissed a female.
  • 4
    Boys; You have passionately kissed a female.
    Girls; You have passionately kissed a male.
  • 5
    You are homophobic and derogatory towards LGBT people.
  • 6
    The thought of having a relationship with someone of the same sex repulses you.
  • 7
    You want/have a relationship with someone of the same sex.
  • 8
    People think (to your knowledge) that you are gay/lesbian/bisexual without you deliberately giving them any inclination to believing so.
  • 9
    You have had a crush on people from both sexes.
  • 10
    Right now, you have a crush on someone of the same sex.
  • 11
    You hate LGBT people (get off my quiz AND my planet, thank you very much).
  • 12
    You would accept it if you were bisexual.
  • 13
    You get offended when people use homophobic language around you because you feel like they are aiming it at you.
  • 14
    You would consider having sex / making out with someone from either gender.
  • 15
    You think that your results will say that you are not bisexual.

Comments (32)


NOT BI (34135)
16 days ago
I'm not BI and i couldnt be happier
Ryan (40691)
20 days ago
Need to come out 😫😰🤫🤢🤮🤤😭😭😭
Ryan (40691)
20 days ago
Ryan (40691)
20 days ago
Ten and bi more into guys though
Sarah (93094)
35 days ago
I`m 11 and bisexual
9/15 Now to tell my parents ( yeah right )
Zj (93586)
38 days ago
I am bi i have kissed and have had💗with both genders but im too scared to come out what should i do
Hiii (53526)
44 days ago
6/15 lolz 18 and I'm As and proud
Josh (48975)
46 days ago
I’m 14 got 12/15 and I am completely bisexual
William (65156)
69 days ago
I’ve been in a situation where I liked a boy named Kayden, and a girl named Lea, it was a hard decision, but I made the decision to date lea, only because she liked me and I liked her, but I would have dated Kayden
Le Furalicious YT (83645)
71 days ago
It says I am hesitant...



Not a good enough answer...
Person (61198)
82 days ago
I've taken so many quizzes. They all say I'm bi. So, I guess it's true. I really like this girl, but I also like this boy. I'm not sure who to choose! Ugh. :(
Like43Nerds (46398)
109 days ago
I may be bisexual, but I have no idea how to tell anyone
Kieran black (86451)
111 days ago
I cannot believe it!
Justin Holder (my real last name! LOL) (52418)
115 days ago
It says I am "most probably" bi. I am 100% bi! I have a boyfriend for crying out loud!
Kl 5673 (59308)
133 days ago
I love girls girls are so hot im Dating 3
B_b (33648)
147 days ago
I'm 10 and it said I am!! What do I tell my mom!!!
gayg (73689)
161 days ago
me and my cousin are bi
Abi (16231)
162 days ago
What do u mean, "correct answers" ? And ive never had a relationship and i dont want to be in one (yet)
A random person (83317)
171 days ago
This is very inaccurate, and most of the questions don't have the possibility that you may not have been in a relationship.
That fan girl in the corner (25637)
244 days ago
Gurl I know I'm bi I had crushes on guys my whole life but girls are hot (I'm dating a girl)😂