What spirit animal are you?

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Have you always wondered what spirit animal you are? Well now you can know

  • 1
    How do you feel about crowds?
    Love them - the more, the merrier!
    Invigorating, in small doses.
    I prefer small, tight-knit groups.
    I'd rather spend the day in the dentist's chair.
  • 2
    What's the best way to comfort a sick friend?
    Nurture them with chicken soup or a bottle of aspirin.
    Just be there for them.
    Tell them a funny story—laughter is the best medicine.
    Send a card—they might be contagious.
  • 3
    How do you respond when insulted?
    Shrug or laugh it off.
    Fire back immediately.
    Back down, than plot revenge.
    Stand up for yourself calmly but firmly.
  • 4
    Do others often seek your advice?
    Yes, on spiritual matters.
    No—they underestimate me
    Yes, on practical matters.
    Yes, on emotional matters.
  • 5
    Favorite hobbies?
    Playing sports.
    Arts and crafts.
    Outdoorsy stuff—hiking, fishing, or hunting.
    Daydreaming, reading, or writing.
  • 6
    Do you have or want a mate for life?
    Second dates are for suckers.
    I'm faithful to my mate
    I play the field
    Yes! True love is forever.
  • 7
    Favorite spectator sport?
    Tennis or golf
    Figure skating or gymnastics
    Team sports like football, baseball, and soccer
  • 8
    At a party, which room do you gravitate to?
    Which room is the food in?
    The kitchen, to see if I can help out
    Family room, to watch the game
    The porch to get fresh air
  • 9
    Favorite subject in school
    Phys Ed
  • 10
    How would you feel if your job required you to relocate
    I'd move, but only if the new place were better.
    Bring it on! New experiences make life worth living.
    I'd move but only if it were like my home
    They can take that job and shove it. I ain't going nowhere.
  • 11
    Do you listen to your head or your heart?
    Head. It's closer to my ears.
    My head consults my heart before making a decision
    Feelings should inform intuition.
    The heart knows best.
  • 12
    How gullible are you?
    I'm my friends favorite practical joke target.
    I've bought the Brooklyn Bridge. Twice.
    I can spot a lie with my eyes closed.
    I'm a skeptic, I take most peoples words at face value
  • 13
    How often would you visit family if distance weren't an issue?
    Only at funerals.
    Only on holidays.
    Once a month.
    At least once a week.
  • 14
    In most situations, are you a leader or a follower?
    I choose my leadership positions carefully
    Neither. I prefer to stay on the outside.
    Follower. Let someone else get us in and out of messes.
    I always seem to end up in charge.
  • 15
    Favorite animal story?
    Dr. Doolittle
    Call of the Wild
    The Black Stallion

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Leny ( 6.243 )
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This is nothing like me!