Horse IQ

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Just a quiz to show how much you know about horses.

  • 1
    At what age is it recommended to first breed a horse?
    At least at the age of 3
    The teen years
    1 year old
  • 2
    Why does a horse need to have certain vaccinations before he travels to a show or out of state?
    To keep him calm.
    To prevent other horses from contracting potential diseases.
    To keep the other animal species from contracting his illnesses.
  • 3
    How often should a horse have his feet trimmed?
    Every 6 to 8 weeks.
    Once a year.
    When they start to curve upwards.
  • 4
    How long is a horse pregnant for?
    1 year
    11 months
    9 months like a human
  • 5
    What is a male horse called when one or two testicles haven't fully descended into the scrotum?
  • 6
    What is the border between the hoof and sole of the foot called?
    White Line
    Cornet band
  • 7
    Which is the oldest breed of horse in the world?
    Quarter horse
  • 8
    The farriers job is to do which of the following?
    Administer vaccinations
    Care for the horse
    Train the horse
    Trim hooves
    Breed the horse
  • 9
    What is the purpose of a running martingale?
    A bird that scares the horse into a gallop.
    To help the horse carry his head in the right position.
    Keep the horse running while exercising him.
  • 10
    What causes poor appetite, lying down and getting up repetitively, and biting at the belly or sides (just to name a few).
  • 11
    An Anglo Arab is a cross between a
    Quarter horse and Arabian
    Arabian and Morgan
    Thoroughbred and Arabian
    Saddlebred and Arab
  • 12
    Which coat pattern isn't that of the American Paint Horse?
    Splashed White
    Medicine Hat
  • 13
    Gray horses will only be produced if they have a parent of this color
  • 14
    After a horse wins a race, he will be
    Tested for illegal performance enhancing drugs.
    Fed a lot of treats.
    Taken back to a stall.
  • 15
    Ammonia is a
    A birth defect in a cross breed
    Pugent, alkaline gas formed as urine and manure decompose.
    A cleaning agent
    Contagious disease
  • 16
    Traveller was who's horse
    Roy Rodgers
    Paul Bunyan
    Robert E. Lee
    George Washington
  • 17
    The hock is located where?
    The hind leg
    Horses don't have hocks
    Around the eye
    On the horses heel
  • 18
    How much water does the average horse drink a day?
    2 to 30 liters, more after working
    15 to 30 gallons a day, often more after riding
    8 to 12 gallons, more often during the summer
  • 19
    The bit is used for
    Cleaning out the feet
    Helping control the horse
    A toy for the horse
    Giving the horse a little bit of food at a time
  • 20
    How were the questions that I used for this quiz?
    They were ok
    Confused me a bit
    Super easy

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