Actually Difficult F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Quiz

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Far too many FRIENDS tests are way too easy..let's try and stump the true devotees

  • 1
    What did Rachel's Mother NOT tell Rachel's old girlfriends about when speaking of her new job?
    Her small paycheck
    The new manager
    Phoebe's singing
    The blobbies
  • 2
    Which "Baywatch" actress did actor, Matthew Perry actually date?
    Nicole Eggert
    Pamela Anderson
    Yasmin Bleeth
    Gena Lee Nolin
  • 3
    Which fruit did Joey mention he'd eaten out of his broken fridge?
  • 4
    What was Ross's old nickname that he wished to bring back?
    Red Ross
    Ross the Gallant
    The Rossatron
  • 5
    Phoebe claimed that Chandler wanted her to come and feel his what?
    His bicep and more
    His giant white dog
    His monkey
    His throbbing pens
  • 6
    What item of "Paul the Wine Guy's" did Monica destroy?
    His shirt
    His watch
    His ring
    His manhood
  • 7
    What did Ross describe himself as to Bruce Willis' character?
    A jerk wad
    A womanizer
    A neat guy
    A bad father
  • 8
    What did Rachel refer to herself as when she wore a bright pink dress to her ex-fiances wedding?
    A giant marshmallow peep
    Little Bo Peep
    A big pink loser
    A hooker
  • 9
    Chandler made out with which of Joey's sisters?
    Mary Therese
    Mary Leona
    Mary Angela
  • 10
    What name did Ross call Chandler when he caught him cleaning the house?
    Monicandler Lewinsky
  • 11
    Mr. Treeger, the Friends' apartment complex super, explains that the reason he never gets hot is because he?..
    Has so much skin
    Is well insulated
    Has a beef with water heaters
    Is allergic to shellfish
  • 12
    Phoebe's one-time date, whom she deems the universe has selected for her (not Alec Baldwin) explains his work is wildly unpopular..what does he do for a living?
    Plays piano
    Writes erotic novels for children
    Euthenizes animals
    He sells soap
  • 13
    Joey's rain machine (which he sticks goldfish into) makes him what?
    Need to pee
  • 14
    Ross dates a British girl, says the wrong name at the alter, then sends her roses for every day that he's known and loved her..What does Monica wish to do with the chopped roses Emily sends back to Ross?
    Make a necklace
    Make a festive wreath
    Make Potpourri
    Make an exotic salad
  • 15
    Chandler explains to Joey and Monica that shoes have several slang names he doesn't understand..which of the following is NOT one of them?
  • 16
    Rachel claims the new cat she's purchased looks like which human body part?
    A weird nose
    An ear
    A foot
    A hand
  • 17
    Phoebe says you should never what?
    Work at Dairy Queen
    Live in a gremlin
    Eat locks
    Run on a barge
  • 18
    Ross has a foreign growth on his backside..what does the herbal doctor that Phoebe recommends, suggest they use on it before he inadvertently scrapes it off with his watch?
    Koondis Cream
    Witch Hazel
    Tiger Balm
  • 19
    Monica and Ross's Father, Jack, tells his wife that he'd never think of trading her in for another woman, because he sees her as what?
    A really hot Sally Jesse Raphael
    One hot mama
    Outrageously gorgeous
    Two 25 year olds
  • 20
    What is Gunther's, roomate's name?

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