Which character from the Infernal Devices are you?

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Do you love the Mortal Instrument and Infernal Devices series? Ever wondered which character you were from the Infernal Devices? Take this Quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Which activity do you enjoy best?
    Writing letters and getting things done because it’s my job.
    Tinkering with things and building new stuff ( even if it doesn't work)
    Spending time with my friends and reading
    Reading and memorizing passages from books
    Playing and listening to music
  • 2
    Which is your favorite color?
    Blue or anything that compliments my looks:)
    Oh I don't know, maybe purple?
    Uh... Oh sorry I was just inventing this new machine and... What is the question again?
    Red, now let me get back to work
  • 3
    Which would you do in this scenario: you are walking along the street when you see a man steal a woman's purse, what do you do?
    Go after the man and save the day!
    I will have to speak with others before I make a decision
    See if the woman is alright and get help
    Uh? What man? What woman?
    Go to the woman and comfort her
  • 4
    You see a demon and many others. You are not close to them but unsuspecting mundanes are nearby and the demons are chasing them, what do you do?
    Take the demons on and kill them all!
    Fight off and help the people, sometimes you can't wait to check if what you are doing is approved
    Fight with my partner and make sure everyone is safe
    Uh? Oh yes fight!
    Help people get to safety then engage in battle and if need be, take matters into my own hands
  • 5
    You are walking down the street and see Mortmain and his clockwork creatures, what do you do?
    Uh, oh him let others deal with him but I will do something if need be
    Fight the coward!
    Watch from a distance and make sure the ones with me stay put
    Check my surroundings to see what is going on
    If he is hurting others fight him off till help arrives
  • 6
    Which would you prefer wearing?
    Casual breeches and a shirt
    Apron and my googles... Where did I put those again....
    Something simple yet still beautiful but not too outgoing
    Anything that compliments my handsome body: D
    An outfit that I can look good in, but put little effort into the outfit
  • 7
    What would you do if you could only save your true love or your best friend?
    I don't know, I don't have to make decisions I save both!
    Both! I can't stand to see someone I love hurt!
    Best friend? True love? Trouble? There's is trouble? where?
    Both but my friend should be able to handle himself alright
    It depends on the situation, of course both would be the ideal outcome
  • 8
    What would you do if you loved a person but your best friend loved them even more so and your friend would die without the one you both love?
    Tell my friend what I think but if it would hurt my friend I will keep quiet
    I would let my friend have them and tell my friend what I feel
    I would rather be alone but if I love that person why not tell them first before the other? And tell your friend? The human mind is strange and fascinating!
    I would tell my friend how I feel and let things sort themselves out
    Let my friend have the person, I have dealt with pain before. Will always love that person though....
  • 9
    Who do you think you will get?
    Tessa! She is so beautiful and caring
    Jem! He is caring and loves music
    Will! Hazar!
    Henry funny, corky, and weird!
    Charlotte she knows when to get to business and when to have fun while caring for others
  • 10
    If you could choose anything to have in the world what would it be?
    Some new music and a new violin
    A desk and travel with my husband and keep the Institute
    Gadgets and things and tools!
    Books! Books! And more books!
    Books! But also something for my friends and to visit home again

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