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Tired of faction quizzes asking the same questions? Me too. Here is a new one, enjoy.:)

  • 1
    Clear your mind of what you want to be. Is it cleared?
    Of course.:)
    Yeah, my head is cleared and I can see my goal.
    Is yours?
    I guess. I can still see what I want but I won't choose my answers based on it.
    As physically possible.
  • 2
    Favorite food?
    All food is good.
    I don't really have one. But I do like something on the more American side.
    I don't have one. What I get is what I get.
    Flaming hot Cheetos all the way baby.
  • 3
    There is a small child standing on some train tracks. On a parallel train track, your mother stands. 2 trains are racing down the track and you can only save one. Who do you save?
    I will get the kid and sacrifice my life for my mother.
    I would have to ask both of them for their opinions.
    The kid. He's younger. More life to live. Sorry ma.
    The young one. He has a longer life span than my mother. emotional attachments harm decision making,
    The boy.
  • 4
    You see bullying. First reaction?
    Make nice.:)
    I would say everything I find wrong about the bully. See how they feel.
    Stand up to the bully in a nice way.
    It happens. I would warn the bully about further consequences and get a higher authority to help.
    Punch them in their face. Rough em' up.
  • 5
    On a scale of 0-10, how attractive are you?
    I'm okay. I have my flaws like everyone else.
    However attractive you find me is fine.
    I am beautiful and so are you.
    Who cares? As long as I'm fit...
  • 6
    You can sacrifice yourself to save another. What do you do?
    I could be of more use then the other person.
    I don't know. It probably depends on the person.
    I would ask the person whom I might die for what they think of the current situation
    I do just that. I will protect.
    Of course I would die for them to survive.
  • 7
    How fit are you?
    I am healthy.
    I live off of sports, working out, and just being active. It is my element.
    I do not tend to look at myself like that.
    Eh. I could do better but oh well.
    Fitness does not matter. Look on the inside.
  • 8
    Who do you play?
    The... *cough cough* female dog...
    The peacemaker
    The hero.
    The worker.
    The nerd.
  • 9
    Sorry guys, but... make up?
    It is bad for the face.
    Who cares about make up?
    We are all pretty.
    Maybe if you'll let me put it on you.
    I don't know? I put it on sure.
  • 10
    I smack you in the face with a frying pan, Your reaction?
    Maybe I did something wrong.
    Leave because you are most likely mad.
    The frying pan wouldn't even hit me. But it sure as h** would hit you.
    Hit you back.
  • 11
    What do you want to be?
    Whatever happens happens.
    What I am best in.
    Where my friends are.
    What would you like?

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