Should you and he get together?

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You must know who it is by now - that one guy you always think of when asked to imagine 'perfection'... or at least who you look forward to seeing whenever you're going to be together - the reason you are taking this quiz! Maybe you're unsure of whether he's really the right guy for you, or whether you're really the right girl for him. Hopefully this quiz will offer some sort of guideline, suggestion, or idea as to the answer to that. But remember, ultimately it's up to you, not me, so remember to follow your heart!

  • 1
    How often do you think about him?
    At least once a week
    Several times a day
    Every day
    A lot during the day
  • 2
    What do you find attractive about him?
    He's funny, kind, responsible, cool and even a little cute
    He's sweet and friendly
    His eyes and smile
    He's popular and cute
    He's outgoing, generous, caring, funny, kind, heroic... just everything I could want
  • 3
    Do you have a lot in common?
    A few things
    We have some common interests
    Just about EVERYTHING!
    Yeah, a lot!
    Not really
  • 4
    How does he act around you?
    I'm just another normal person there
    He doesn't notice me
    He seems to want to spend a lot of time with me
    He talks to me quite a bit, and sometimes hugs me
    He smiles and talks, like friends
  • 5
    How do you act around him?
    I talk to him every chance I get, and smile and laugh around him
    I act awkward and sometimes make a fool of myself
    I try to get his attention sometimes, but it doesn't really work in the way I want it to
    I talk to him a lot, and stare at him, and sometimes I seem to smile for no reason
    I start conversations with him now and again, and I stare at him
  • 6
    On a scale of one to ten, how much would you say you like/love him?
    9 or 10 - I love him! I think he's the only guy for me!
    1 or 2 - I'm not sure about him yet
    3 or 4 - I quite like him, but I'm not sure in what sort of way
    7 or 8 - I really like him, and I think we could be great together
    5 or 6 - I think about him quite a bit and could see us together in the future
  • 7
    How many times have you been in/thought you've been in love?
    Around 3
    Once or twice
    Loads of times, but it passes eventually
    Never, he is my first
    Maybe 5 or so times
  • 8
    Say you're with a group of people - friends, or family - and he tries to make a move on you. You:
    Lean straight in for a kiss
    Smile at him, and squeeze his hand/hug him back
    Tell him you have feelings for him and hint that maybe you can do something later
    Get super excited, but only hold his hand/hug him - you don't want to move ahead too quickly
    Push him away - you're just not ready, not in front of other people
  • 9
    Say you're alone together - watching a movie or in a spa or whatever - and he moves closer and looks at you lovingly. You:
    Giggle and wait for him to move closer
    Look back and smile, and maybe blush a little
    Look away and shuffle further over
    I don't know - that would be totally heart-stopping!
    Look back into his eyes and move closer to him
  • 10
    How much do you talk?
    Hardly ever, except perhaps in passing
    When we get the chance or have something important to talk about
    Pretty often, when we're together
    Don't think we've ever spoken...
    It's pretty much all we do
  • 11
    What sort of things do you talk about?
    Pretty much everything - we share a lot.
    We talk about school or work, or other reasonably boring topics
    Whatever's happening at the moment, how we are, or maybe a few little personal things
    We make awkward small-talk..
    Anything that pops into our heads, or what we've been doing lately
  • 12
    How much do you know about one another?
    Hardly a thing - and he probably wouldn't care to know.
    He's a close friend; I know a lot about what he likes and does, his past and his plans for the future.
    We spend so much time talking; I don't think there's a thing I don't know about him!
    Some of the songs and foods he likes
    All about his family and his hobbies, and some other random things
  • 13
    Do you feel that you have a connection?
    I think there is something there
    I can see the sparks fly.
    Not really - I don't know him all that well
    Not sure, but I hope so
    There must be - we seem to have so much in common
  • 14
    If you make a joke, he:
    Smirks or chuckles a little bit
    Tells you you're hilarious
    Ignores you or insists it isn't funny
    Doesn't find it all that funny, but probably appreciates your effort
    Laughs and agrees that it's funny
  • 15
    What's the longest time you've ever spent with him - i.e. staying at his house?
    Several nights
    A day and night, at least
    A whole day
    I haven't even been to his house...
    An afternoon
  • 16
    What do you imagine you doing together in your daydreams?
    Getting married!
    I don't really have daydreams about him.
    Just spending time with him, talking and having fun
    A romantic evening together
    Just sex and making out, pretty much
  • 17
    What are your friends' opinions of him?
    They don't even know about him; I'm too shy/worried about what they would think.
    They don't like him, or they don't think he's right for me
    They keep telling me to ask him out, and that he likes me!
    My friends likes him too
    They think we'd make a cute couple, and they often talk about him/us
  • 18
    Does he have any annoying habits?
    I don't even know him well enough
    Yes! They make me want to strangle him sometimes!
    Maybe a few, but I could live with it.
    No way, and if he does I don't even care!
    Yeah, but I'm sure I could train him out of them
  • 19
    How many relationships has he been in?
    I have no idea
    More than I have, anyway
    Maybe 3 or 4 - enough to have experience
    2 or fewer - he's fresh and has next to no record of bad relationships
    Loads; they all ended badly
  • 20
    How do you think he feels about you?
    Honestly, I don't think he even notices me at all.
    There's a chance that he likes me, but I could be imagining it...
    He's told me he likes me
    I think he just sees me as a friend
    I'm sure he likes me - there are so many signs!
  • 21
    How long do you think a relationship with him would last?
    A week, I guess, until we got over each other
    I'd aim for at least a day
    I think we'd make it to the one-month point, but I'm sure we could still be friends
    Oh, oh course we'll be getting married. I want to grow old with him.
    As long as I could make it - several months, at least. And if it ended, I'm sure we'd still be friends.
  • 22
    Do you have similar opinions on having pets/kids?
    I don't know.
    I'm sure we'll work something out
    No, I'm pretty sure we feel the same
    I'll let him have what he wants.
    Totally opposite views.
  • 23
    What happens if you have an argument or fight?
    It's only a matter of minutes before one of us forgets or makes it up
    It takes a few hours but we get over it
    We've never argued or disagreed
    We've not even spoken
    We don't talk for days or weeks
  • 24
    What do you like most about him?
    His smile, and that he's sweet and caring
    We have so much in common - he's just like me! - and he has a wonderful personality
    His eyes and smile
    He's kind, loving, sweet, generous, funny, and we have some things in common - and he ain't too bad lookin' either
    Just that he's cute, I guess
  • 25
    If you told him you have feelings for him, how do you think he might react?
    I'm sure he'd be mad at me and it would always be awkward
    He does know but isn't sure about a relationship yet
    I think he might like me, and he might express his feelings for me too
    I think he suspects something already, and I think he would tell me he isn't ready
    He'd probably find it really awkward and just avoid me for a while

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