Supersword's New And Improved "Does she like me?" Quiz!

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I will have another quiz for girls, don't worry, but here's for my fellow guys out here. You like a girl. So you came here, and coincidentally you came to the right place! Take this quiz to really find out: Does she like me? (Tried to make moremoremore accurate: D)

  • 1
    First off. How long have you known this girl?
    Just met. She may not know I exist!
    A few weeks. I met her on the street and we rarely talk/text.
    Umm were chatting right now... Soo... This is also the first time...
    Beginning. Of. My. Life. She may have been there when I was born!
    Months-years. Somehow she got into my class/church/camp for months/years in a row!
  • 2
    Now. Can you BEST describe how you two are? Read the possible choices you'll understand.
    We hardly talk, met on street, talk like normal acquaintances, it's a bit weird.
    Well, we've been hanging out forever, we met at church/school/camp, and also we talk like best friends, and that's what we very well may be!
    Never talk, didn't meet, don't talk, no feeling.
    We hang out a lot, met randomly, talk like friends, we are cool.
  • 3
    When you talk, is it awkward? And what is the talk about?
    A little weird. Talk about most stuff
    Normal for projects,
    It ain't awkward! Were best friends! It's about everything!
    N/A, N/A (no offense but why are you taking this quiz? If you choose this, I mean)
  • 4
    How close are you two?
    0- just met, idiot! (Don't put me down I have a real crush!)
    10 known forever BFF!
    7-9 awesome friends.
    1-3 fair enough friends
    4-6 help each other out cool stuff
  • 5
    Does she tease you?
    Like, a bit.
    Nup never met (just leave if you picked this I'm sorry)
    It's really funny when she does!
    (Picking this will reveal a lot) we are already in a 'ship just seeing if she likes me, (ok now you know she likes you obvs just leave she likes you the end)
    Sometimes, not much, but it's funny
  • 6
    Btw picking the one about the 'ship back there would really get you 9000 points. ^_^

    Now how do you touch?
    Is this a joke? (You obvs didn't leave.)
    High five poke, tap back, etc..
  • 7
    Picking kiss will get you 9000 too.

    Now, how well do you know her? How many can you name of these five?

    Birthday, fav color, fav food, friends, a secret from her
    4 or more
  • 8
    Common interests?
    Some maybe
    A few, idk
    I'm leaving.
    A lot!
  • 9
    Because I'm nice, I'll ask an easy one. Age differential?
    I have no stinking idea.
    Same age
    2 or more years
    Exact same
    1 year
  • 10
    And finally, not for points, did you like it! The quiz?
    Fair, pretty awesome, now I think she likes me!
    ... Listen. You told me to leave multiple times.
    Loved it!
    Well it was amazing! Will use it for every crush!
    It was ok. I have some ideas to fix. (Email me then!)

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