Does she like me? SUPER ENHANCED!

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You've tried the rest (of mine), now try the best (of mine)!

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    First, to start: pick which MOST NEARLY describes your relationship.
    OMG I know this one! We meet every so often, and if not we text all day and night. And were like BFFs!
    We met a few weeks ago and just seemed to easily become friends.
    It's fair enough.
    Well, we just met, and... Oh, look, she's kissing that guy... A lot...
    We see each other a few times a week, talk normally, friends, etc.. Known her for a year or so.
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    Do you think she likes you?
    Idk. There's a reason I'm taking this quiz!
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    Ok, now how many of these can you list of her?

    Her birth date, fav color, pets and names, fav food, her secret(s).
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    Is she mean to you?
    Sometimes, in a nice way/just teasing.
    Nope, she avoids me!
    She's normal to me,
    She's actually kinda nice!
    Yes, and hurts me, but she's pretty... Who cares?
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    How much do you two talk?
    OMG, we don't! Talk!
    Usually when we can.
    A lot,
  • 6
    What is the talking about?
    That doesn't even make sense! (Shut up!) but even if it did... We don't talk.
    We just talk about... Oh... EVERYTHING. WE KNOW
    We talk about most everything.
    Projects/game plays.
    Jokes and normal stuff.
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    Btw on the last question instead of WE KNOW on one of the answers I messed up. It needs to be "EVERYTHING. WE KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT WHAT EACH OTHER HAS TO SAY. JUST EVERYTHING. JOKES. DATING HINTS."

    Now the real question. Do you touch?
    Accidental bumps.
    High fives, poking, etc..
    Touch where...? Oh... Right. Um, no...
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    Can you tell her anything?
    Yes. But she gives it away,,,
    Nope. Ok actually yes, mostly.
    Do you think, based on my previous answers, that I even SPEAK to her!
    Maybe, but to her friends, she will tell it.
    Totally! She's always keeping secrets for me!
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    When you are around her, she is like a/an:
    A teacher. She tells me what to do, and only me! I obey. ^_^
    Whatever blushes when you look at her and seems to love you.
    Lion in the same house as a cow. She is the cow, fearing me and staying away as I chase her down.
    A normal person...
    A bull. Rowdy and showy!
  • 10
    Age differs at all?
    I have no idea what her age is! Do you think I know!
    Big difference, she cares a lot...
    Low dif, she doesn't care, or she doesn't show it.
    Nearly/is the same.
    It's a big difference, but she doesn't care.

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