What's your spirit power?

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Find out what power lies in your spirit,

  • 1
    What would be your spirit weapon? (Cast your power through)
    Incantations. (speak out spells)
    Animals! I'll have them fight for me!
    Celestial hammer! Nothing like a little divine power.
    Sharp bladed Weapons. A lot of them of all different kinds.
    Bare hands.
  • 2
    What's your favorite color?
  • 3
    What's your personality like?
    Mysterious, weird, unnatural.
    Sharp, hard, and fighting.
    Fiery, calm and smart.
    Selfless, helpful, cheery
    Caring, loving, compassionate.
  • 4
    What thing intrigues you the most?
    Universe, black holes.
    Celestial magic, holy stuff.
    Natural Disasters.
    Swords and Scythes.
  • 5
    What matters most to you?
    Helping others!
    Caring for animals.
    My family.
    Finding my purpose.
  • 6
    What way would you show your powers?
    Beautiful, Glorious transformation sequence.
    I'd use a lot of it at once.
    Unexpected and strong.
    Through cool amazing skills!
    I wouldn't show it unless I really needed to.
  • 7
    What's your favorite animal on this list?
    Black cat
  • 8
    What outfit suits you best?
    Black robes covering face and everything.
    Grey and light milky colors. Something nice fitted and covering.
    White and yellow robes. Really cute and designy!
    Something with colors of the basics like red blue green. A little revealing on some areas like shoulder and legs.
    Something green and brown. Leaves and nature themed.
  • 9
    A girl is wounded on the street you..
    Summon animals and natures helpers to help you get her up.
    Turn her into your minion or servant.
    Pin her clothing down with swords so she won’t squirm while you help her.
    Heal her using your powers!
    Use the elemental forces to find and kill whoever did this to her.
  • 10
    Do you believe in magic?
    Only god can do magic.
    I believe it's possible..
    Who knows...?

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killer fox ( 110.6 )
Posted 230 days ago
yay i got void/dark!!!
Moono Mudenda ( 6.152 )
Posted 236 days ago
People out ther, I'm here to incourage someone to put all the trust in the son of God. He can help and deriver you from any kind of problem hindering your destiny. Just believe in him and all is well in your destiny.
James ( 3.129 )
Posted 292 days ago
So What Do You Think About My Answers?