Are you soldier material?

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20 Questions - Developed by: Sephiroth - Developed on: - 9.682 taken

This is a message from Shinra to all soldier second class units. Complete this test to see if you have what it takes to be first class.

  • 1
    What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?
    To prove ourselves as heroes.
    To follow orders, sir!
    To slay all the mud eaters in our path to glory!
    To protect the defenseless and to secure peace.
    To burn things...
  • 2
    What sword do you wish to acquire as a first class soldier?
    A buster.
    A Gatling gun. screw swords
    A eleven foot long katana.
    A gun sword!
    A seven foot long rapier.
  • 3
    How many lives will you take in order to save more?
    As many as it takes.
    The whole world if necessary.
    As few as possible.
    No one. its not worth it.
    Any who stand in my way
  • 4
    What would you wear as a soldier first class?
    A tank top and my undies.
    A red trench coat with black shoulder guards.
    A black trench coat with a little armor.
    A normal Shinra uniform.
    Something to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies.
  • 5
    What would you're dying quote be(yes we're serious)?
    Unlimited in love is the gift of the goddess. We seek it thus...
    I won't die here!
    Well played...
    I...will never be a memory.
    Screw all of you!
  • 6
    Is there any emotion in your attitude, or are you soulless?
    I have a soul greater than any before.
    Not really sure about this one...
    I am a soulless assassin bred in the darkest abyss.
    No emotion, only war.
    There's nothing I don't cherish.
  • 7
    How do you fight?
    Very focused and precise.
    With a book in my hand.
    Like God got a hold of a constellation and used it as a mace!
    As heartlessly as I can. no mercy.
    With big words and guns.
  • 8
    Would you ever betray the Shinra organization?
    No. my loyalties lie with Shinra.
    Wait, is this for real...I thought it was just a stupid online quiz!
    Yes. I would destroy you all without a second thought.
    If they ever betrayed me.
    They gave me my life...
  • 9
    What would you do if your team were in danger and you could save them or leave them?
    I would stand by them till the end.
    Screw them. They were weak!
    I would shoot everything in site!
    I would have their backs.
    I would put my blade to use that they may never overtake us!
  • 10
    What would your name be?
    Mr. T(I pity da fool)
  • 11
    What would be you're signature move.
    Form a black wing on my back.
    Kill everything in site.
    Take a squirrel and throw it at the enemy(they're vicious!)
    Using a splitting blade to strike my foes many times.
    Reading loveless the book.
  • 12
    What would be you're battle ending phrase?
    Die cur. Die like the dog you are!
    Sorry about this...
    Remember this pain.
    Stay where you belong. In my memories.
  • 13
    Is there a power you would want most?
    Squirrel hurl!
    No. I already have all power there is.
  • 14
    Do you take this you!
    Wait... this is real! o god...
    Yes, master.
    Of course.
  • 15
    What is you're weapon to be called?
    The fusion sword.
    The silver shooter.
    The ultimate universe destroyer of power.
  • 16
    Do you have any former blade training...?
    I taught myself.
    No. you guys are freaks.
    Trained my whole life
    I learned from God!
    Yes, plenty.
  • 17
    What is life's greatest illusion?
    The Venus flytrap
    The stillness of a lake.
    My appearance
    What the heck kind of question...
    Innocence dear brother
  • 18
    Are you ready to be a soldier of the first degree?
    Yes, as my father before me.
    My sword is yours.
    I'm already awesome... but sure
    I'm ready.
    I just saw the poster outside...
  • 19
    Did you enjoy this test?
    It was well crafted
    It was lame... a joke as you mortals call it
    Loved it...sort of.
    It was pretty good
    It wasn't bad.
  • 20
    ( more)will you serve with honor...or fall with betrayal.
    What the heck are you smoking(I can't smoke HA HA HA!)!
    I will bring honor to my name.
    I will honor Mother.
    Who cares about honor anymore. is my code.

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Baron Von Wolfgang ( 98.33 )
Posted 119 days ago
Nice quiz man. I always knew I was a first class soldier! But really I wish I could've come up with a custom name for my dude and eleven foot long katana. I would've named my dude Jagdos and my katana firestorm. Nice quiz overall though!
Belahzael ( .5.74 )
Posted 318 days ago
Kind of liked this. Fusion sword sounds cool, what can it do?