Am I a good person!

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Am I a good person? Some people wonder "I've been feeling mean lately, but am I turning into a bad person?" or "Am I a bad person for doing that?" Well in this quiz you can find out

  • 1
    OH NO!
    Your friend was walking your dog and your dog wiggled out of his leash.She apologized but you think it was on purpose.
    You mad or nahhh?
    DUH IM MAD! THAT WAS MY DOG! A LIVING THING! I'm getting revenge, sweet sweet REVENGE
    Just a little, maybe it was an accident maybe not.I'll forgive her though.
    As long as she apologized its ok, so no I'm not mad
  • 2
    Your best friend broke her leg.Do you go and see her in the hospital?
    Yeah, I'll go but only for a few minutes.
    Psh, no. Her fault she broke it.What a total CLUTZ!
    Yes! I'll stay there until she gets better!
  • 3
    An ugly nerd asks you to be her friend.
    Do you accept?
    Uh, idk, maybe for only about a week
    Yeah sure! She looks like an amazing friend, and maybe I can take her to get a makeover!
  • 4
    Your best friend asks you to go to a movie your mom said you couldn't see.
    Do you go anyway?
    Eh, I might try to sneak in.Only maybe
    Duh! I will tell my mom I'm spending the night at her house and go see it hehe! AND GET A SLEEPOVER!
    NO! My mom said no!
  • 5
    You have a drink that will kill anyone who drinks it.
    Your friend cracked your iphone purposefully and blamed it on you!
    Do you poison her?
    No! Poisoning is wrong! I forgive and forget.
    DUH! I'll even take her to the smoothie place downtown and trick her.
    Only if she doesn’t say a REAL sorry next time I see her
  • 6
    Your favorite song comes on but your BFF is with you and HATES it
    Do you listen to it anyway?
    Depends...Is it a song that comes on all the time? Or is it a rare song?
    No.I know how she feels.
  • 7
    Your crush asks you to watch his baseball game with him but you hate baseball.
    Do you accept?
    Maybe.Before I went I would tell him I would try to go and then attempt at asking people if they will hang out that night.
    No.But, if I went I would force him to quit baseball.
    Yeah.Whatever makes him happy.
  • 8
    There is a badly injured turtle on the side of the road!
    What do you do?
    He can die.Unless he were MY turtle I wouldn't get him
    How badly injured is he?
    I pick it up and run as fast as I can to the nearest vet.
  • 9
    Your enemy asks you to go meet her in the music room during class.
    Do you go?
    Maybe.Probably so, but I would send my twin instead
    Yeah. I've wanted to pound her since 1st grade!
    Depends.How muscular is she? Either she can pound me or apologize who knows?
  • 10
    Your dad goes to the store and leaves you home alone.
    Do you trash the house?
    If I were bored.
    Duh! Who misses out on those chances? NOT THIS GIRL!
    NO! That would be wrong!
  • 11
    Do you ignore your friends when you're mad at them?
    Yeah probably.
    Of course not! That would be rude
    I would do it even if I'm not mad at them!
  • 12
    Did you know this quiz is almost over?
    Nope! Thanks for reminding me!
    Shut up...
    Yeah! I am perfectly organized!
  • 13
    How do you rate this quiz?
    2- it was ok
    3- it was awesome
    0-Why did I have to do this again?

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