What are you? (Surprise quozioso)

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  • 1
    What's your favorite out of these?
    None! What is this test anyway?
  • 2
    You know what? What do you think this quiz is supposed to do?
    See how similar us and our friends' personalities are
    See how fast we can finish a test
    I don't care! Are we done yet?
    See how tall we would be if we were animals
  • 3
    So... Colors?
    Other/more than 1
    Yellow and brown, + I AM NOT GAY
    Black and whatever suits my mood!
    Orange, black, as long as it's cool and easy to put in an outfit.
  • 4
    If you could customize anything, what would you customize?
    The speed of human beings!
    I like the world as it is.: O
    How tall I am.
    The color of my print. It's SOO boring.
  • 5
    Roleplaying time! *cough, cough*
    What's roleplay?
    Meet you at the next question!
    Ooh! Can I do it with my friends?
    As long as I'm still tall
  • 6
    You are an animal or plant. You see an animal looming nearby. It tries to eat you, but can't get to you. What animal is trying to get to you?
    Cheetah/Leopard. But how can it NOT catch up to me?
    Giraffe, but is it a baby?
    Who cares as long as I'm safe!
  • 7
    You get to go to Africa for a day to see all of your favorite animals, but the plane crashes right before you land! You need a home to survive. What animal do you choose to live with?
    None! I live alone!
    Zebra! You can't survive without friends, right?
    Giraffe. Now, to find some stilts...
    Leopard! I couldn't keep up with cheetahs: P
  • 8
    Your shopping at your favorite store. They're having a sale on all clothes, but they're out of all clothing except for the animal print. What animal print do you get?
    Zebra! Duh! Goes well with any outfit!
    I'll go to a different store. I've got the money.
    I'll take Giraffe. As long as I look taller!
    Cheetah! All of it! So people can see my athletic side!
  • 9
    Okay, no more roleplay. I. Am. So. Sorry!
    Aww, no more fun with my friends?
    That was quick. I liked it.
    Again. What's roleplay?
    My character WAS tall, right?
  • 10
    See ya! *runs of faster than light can move*
    Time to show of my stripes, or whatever print I got.
    Aww! Well, at least I'm still tall...

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