How well do you know The Outsiders?

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  • 1
    Who are the Curtis brothers?
    Dallas, Johnny, Steve
    Sodapop, Steve, Ponyboy
    Darrel, Sodapop, Ponyboy
  • 2
    What is the name of the Soc who is killed?
  • 3
    Who are the two Greasers who die?
    Steve, Two-Bit
    Bob, Randy
    Dallas, Johnny
  • 4
    How did Dallas die?
    He committed suicide
    He was stabbed
    He was shot
  • 5
    What does Dallas do for a living?
    Robs stores
    Kills people
    Works at a rodeo with Buck
  • 6
    Where do Soda and Steve work?
    DX Gasoline Station
    Rodeo with Buck
    Roofing houses with Darry
  • 7
    What did Johnny call Dally's ring? (in the movie)
    His Soulmate
    His Christopher
    His Best Friend
  • 8
    What is Sodapop's middle name?
  • 9
    How much money did the Outsiders make?
  • 10
    Which Outsider died of cancer outside of the movie?
    Patrick Swayze
    Rob Lowe
    Matt Dillon
  • 11
    How did the director create a feud between the actors?
    He didn't pay the Greasers
    He gave the Socs leather binded scrips
    He paid the Socs more
  • 12
    Who was the little girl that asked for 15 cents at Dairy Queen?
    Matt Dillon's cousin
    The author's daughter
    The director's daughter
  • 13
    What did Dally say in the hospital?
    We'll do it for Johnny
    Johnny's gonna die
    I am gonna kill myself
  • 14
    What poem does Ponyboy recite at the church?
    Nature is Gold
    Stay Gold
    Nothing Gold Can Stay
  • 15
    How does the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" go?
    Natures first green is gold/Her hardest hue to hold/Her early leafs a flower/But only so an hour/Then leaf subsides to leaf/So Eden sank to greif/So dawn goes down today/Nothing gold can stay
    There was no poem
    It doesn't matter
  • 16
    What were Johnny's last words?
    Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold
    Tell Dally to look at a sunset
    Stay Golden
  • 17
    Who's character didn't match the description in the book?
    Dally: He was supposed to have blonde hair and green eyes
    Two-Bit: He was supposed to be a Soc
    Sodapop: He was supposed to have blonde hair and brown eyes
  • 18
    What was Two-Bit doing when Darry was telling Pony he shouldn't be in the rumble?
    He was taking a shower
    He was stacking beer cans on shoes
    He was watching Mickey Mouse
  • 19
    What do the Curtis brother's love to eat?
    Chocolate Cake
  • 20
    Why is the Outsiders so popular?
    My english teacher made me watch it
    The Greasers are soooo hot!
    People can relate to whom the Socs and Greasers are in their life

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Blank ( 28.16 0 ( 2.142 )
Posted 117 days ago
This quiz is screwed!
Did you even read the book?!?!
Blank ( 15.16 )
Posted 295 days ago
Some of your answers are wrong.