Does your crush love you? (True Results!)

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So, this quiz is based off my friend and her crush. I watch what he does when they talk, sit near each other, etc. This quiz will have 100% correct results! (If you’re honest!)

  • 1
    Does he text, FaceTime or Call you?
    No! He doesn't have my contact!
    Yes! We do all three!
    We text...but nothing else
    He FaceTimed me once just to get answers to our Math
  • 2
    Has he ever teased you?
    Ya...but it's mean
    Yup! Every day! It's cute!
    Once he ripped my picture....(Does that count?😋)
  • 3
    Has he ever touched you?
    Well, in Music we sat next to each other and he kept hitting my leg and arm
    Yes! Every day!
    Once. When I wasn't looking he grabbed my arm to slap a kid
  • 4
    Has he ever called you an idiot, poop face, ugly, etc?
    Nope!: D
    Oh ya! Once e called me the fattest person ever!
    Sadly yes....
  • 5
    Does he look into your eyes when you talk?
    I can't tell! Because I'm too nervous to look in his eyes!
    Nope..he stares at the hotties
  • 6
    Has he ever taking your stuff?
    Yes...once he through my lunch in the trash
    Once he stole my
    Yup! (Just to tease me!:) )
  • 7
    Has he ever asked you to slow dance?
    Yes, but I turned him down...God I'm stupid!
    Ewwwwww! I'm too young for that!
  • 8
    Does he laugh when you say something funny?
    Yes! He laughs at everything I do!
    No..he laughs when I pronounce "Hi"
  • 9
    Quickly..what are you thinking of right now!
    Personal stuff/ Weird stuff
    Food. I'm SO hungry!
    My crush! Duh!
  • 10
    Has it ever been...just you...and...him? Alone. No one else. was awkward
    Yup! He was so cute/funny!
    Yup! Then be kissed me!
  • 11
    Has he ever bought you a gift?
    Yes! Every holiday!
    Yup, but the whole class also got a gift too.
    No. But I give him gifts!
  • 12
    Do you think he likes you?
    I guess...
    Likes you? He LOVES me!
  • 13
    How often do you text?
    Every day!
    Oh! Be right back! My crush just texted me!
    Um...remember..not a contact..
    Never!:( he deleted our chat!
  • 14
    Last Question: If you did (I'm saying DID) date your crush...what will come first?
    My family!
    My crush!
    Me! Myself! And I!

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