Hermione Grainger quiz..

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Hiya, this quiz is meant for little ones that are in 1-4 grade so it's pretty easy. I've read all of the Harry Potter books. If there is any indication bad questions please feel free to email me about it at prettygood@gmail.com thanks, Hannah Richards

  • 1
    What does Hermione do on the Hogwarts Express?
    Sit down in Harry's and Ron's compartment
    Yell at Harry and Ron
    stumble and fall into Harry's arms and they kiss
    Say "where's Draco!".
  • 2
    Why is Hermione stuck in the girls bathroom?
    She doesn't want anyone to find out that she is practicing the dark arts!
    There's a troll in the bathroom
    She hates Harry and Ron
  • 3
    What party do Hermione, Harry and Ron get invited to?
    Go with Fred and George
    The ghost of Gryffindor's deathday party
    Go to the library to study
    Snapes Halloween party
  • 4
    Who did the Snake freeze?
  • 5
    What does Snape assign for homework that Hermione knows why Snape did it?
    Because he was nice
    He was mad at Lupin
    So they knew that Professor Lupin was a Werewolf
    Because he is insane in the membrane
  • 6
    Who is Hermione worried about?
    That Black might kill Harry
    That she might not have any permanent staff as DADA
  • 7
    Does Hermione date Victor Krum?
    No Ginny so did
  • 8
    Does Hermione go to the Ministry of Magic?
    Harry and Ron go
    No, only Harry goes
  • 9
    Does Hermione pass the appropriation test?
    No only Ron does
  • 10
    Do Hermione and Ron kiss?
    Yes and Harry has to shout to get them apart
    No, her and Harry
    No! Cute V.S. red head cute wins

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