Is your boyfriend cheating on you?

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Take this test to find out whether this boyfriend of yours is cheating on you or not!

  • 1
    At school when you see each other in the hallway, who is he most likely to be hanging around with?
    GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS everywhere!
    A big group of people I don't know
    His football team and a few of their girlfriends
    Maybe 2 or 3 of his close friends
  • 2
    When you are alone, what are you both most likely to be doing?
    Planning our weekend away together <3
    He's on his phone...COMPLETELY IGNORING ME
    Talking about your day and what happened
    Nothing. It's so quiet I can hear his breathing
  • 3
    At a party he...
    Talking to one or two friends - you don't want him to leave you!
    We ignore each other until the party is over
    It's only been 15 minutes and you've already lost him
    Pulls you to the dance floor for a slow dance
  • 4
    You ask him politely to borrow his phone, what does he say?
    Sure *hands you the phone*
    Urghhh.. after this... one sec...
    But you were on it 2 minutes ago..
  • 5
    How many times a day does he check his phone?
    Enough to make me feel alone
    What phone?
    Like 10 times maybe less
    Every 6 minutes!
  • 6
    What is the closet reason as to why he broke up with his ex?
    Too aggressive
    Too lazy
    Too aggressive in bed
    Too lazy to put a condom on
  • 7
    Does he ever look at other females when you're out in town?
    Maybe - But he will apologize or look away with disgust
    The only female he looks at is me.. jokes...
    Yes, it makes me feel uncomfortable and jealous that's why I'm so strict on him sometimes:(
    More like dead stares.
  • 8
    Has a friend ever told you that he had tried to flirt with her or him?
    One friend? More eight friends
    Yes but she's just a jealous hoe
    Once but that was like two years ago
  • 9
    Have you met his parents?
    Yeah but I don't like them
    Twice but it was really awkward
  • 10
    On dates where does he take you?
    I like to stick to the usual - movies and a restaurant please. fresh:(
    Somewhere far away like on the other side of town
    He likes to mix it up - beach, bowling, movies, picnic...
  • 11
    How many ex's does he have?
    I'm his first.
    He never told me.
    Like 2?
    1,5,9,16... ok I lost count.
  • 12
    Why do you think he's cheating on you?
    My 'friends' told me somethings that made me wonder
    I don't wanna be dating some ass that's why I'm taking the test!
    I'm just curious
    He has been acting weirder than usual and hasn't been talking to me that much

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Offended guy ( 36.59 )
Posted 146 days ago
Serously, you can not tell whats the situation by asking a girl who already takes a quiz about it. You dont know what happened, maybe its a shy boy, only being romantic alone, not going out often, that doesnt mean [BEEP]. You dont know the relationship, so stop ruining some by telling people they have a cheating partner.
Dinesh ( 0.216 )
Posted 229 days ago
Dont tell lie often thats enough to me