Who would you get along with in Hetalia?

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This is a test to see who's your best mates and worst enemies, and even who'd you date!

  • 1
    What's your favorite type of music?
  • 2
    Where would you like to visit?
  • 3
    Alright, roleplay time! You up for it?
    YEAH! I love this kind of stuff.
    Yes! This is always awesome!
    If I must.
    No. Wait, what do you mean I don't have a choice?
    Well, I guess.
  • 4
    Alright! It is your first day of school, and you have no idea where you are going! You decide to ask someone for directions.
    A stuck-up looking brunette with glasses
    A blonde with huge eyebrows
    A blonde with glasses and a huge smile on his face
    A brunette with a scowl and a curl
    A albino with a shady-looking grin
  • 5
    (Assuming you picked A on #4) You walk over to the blonde, who you refer to as Brows into your head. You tap his shoulder, and he turns around, scowling, before he smiles softly at you. "Hello, I am Arthur Kirkland. Is there something you needed?" You noticed that he had a British accent. "Yes, my name is (name) and I am new here. Would you mind helping me find my English Language classroom?" He nodded, and the two of you started there. On the way:
    You tease him about his eyebrows, and he quickly walks away after showing you your classroom.
    The two of you talk about English language and how Americans say 'learned' instead of 'learnt'
    You brag about how awesome you are, and though at first he is amused, he quickly grows annoyed.
    He tries telling you a joke, you are not amused and call him a bastard, and the two of you part ways after finding your classroom.
    You politely talk about casual things, such as the weather.
  • 6
    (Assuming you picked B on #4) You walk over to the blonde with glasses, whose smile gets wider at the sight of you, if possible. He starts to speak, though you can't really tell what he is saying, due to him having burger in his mouth. You:
    Laugh and tell him that you can't understand him.
    Call him a lazy American before walking off, deciding to ask someone else.
    Laugh and ask if he has any more, proclaiming that the Awesome you is hungry.
    Grimace at his impoliteness and walk away
    Tell him that talking with his mouth full is gross, which seems to annoy him.
  • 7
    (Assuming you answered C for #4) You go over the brunette boy, whose scowl changes to a smile. "Ciao, I am Lovino Vargas. But you, Bella, can call me Romano." Due to your limited understanding of Italian, you know that he has called you beautiful. You blush a little, before:
    Turning as red as a tomato. You have finally met someone as smooth as you.
    Laughing and calling him adorable. He blushes and you ask for directions.
    Giving yourself a second to calm down. You then ask for direction to your class.
    Laughing and telling him that you have decided to grace him with your awesome presence.
    Politely smile and ask for directions.
  • 8
    (Assuming you picked D on #4) You walk over to the albino boy, who is standing with a blonde boy, chin-length with blue eyes, and a brunette boy with green eyes. You ask the three of them to show you where your class is. They introduce themselves as Francis(blonde), Antonio(brunette), and Gilbert(albino). Gilbert proclaims about him being awesome and Prussian, before inviting you to skip to help them pull a prank. You:
    Ask for a rain check on the offer, before going to find someone else to show you. Usually you'd go, but this is your first day and you need to find your class.
    Laugh and tell them you're in.
    Laugh and tell them that you will help awesomely, which Gilbert seems to appreciate.
    Tell them no, inform Gilbert that Prussia is no longer a country, and go to tell the office about them wanting to pull a prank.
    Shrug and tell them sure. It's not like you wanted to go to class anyway.
  • 9
    (Assuming you chose E for #4) You walk over to the boy, who politely smiles at you. He tells you that his name is Rodrich. You:
    Politely ask him where your classroom is.
    Smile at him and ask if he can show you where your classroom is. The two of you talk about pianos on the way there.
    Tell him that he looks stuffier than a 30 year old businessman.
    Ask if he's Australian, which causes him to snap at you that he's Austrian.
    Ask if he is a pianist, and when he says yes, scream "HEY EVERYONE, HE'S A PENIS!"
  • 10
    During your last hour of the day, a very buff blonde comes over to tell you that you are required to join a club/sports team. You choose:
    Football Team
    Soccer Team
    Student Concil
    Music club
  • 11
    Alright, roleplay over! Did you enjoy it?
    It was fine.
    It was cool!
    Ugh, no.
    It was awesome!
  • 12
    Last question! What's your favorite flag?
    The Uk

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