What wolf rank are you?

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Ever wondered what rank you would be in a wolf pack? Take this quiz to see whether or not you are an alpha, beta, gamma, delta, or omega!

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    What's your personality?
    You are extremely anti-social, awkward, and not really loved.
    You are usually very hyper, have many friends, and love racing.
    You are usually quite calm, but at times you can be very hyper.
    You are cool, collected, and rarely freak out.
    You are quiet, shy, and love pups.

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Malcolm ( 69275 )
Posted 449 days ago
I mean 18 times sorry
Malcolm ( 69275 )
Posted 449 days ago
It said i was Alpha in my last test in another test but in this one it said i was Beta anyway I'm in the high class of a pack. Took 10 test i was Alpha and even in real life i am
Lone Wolf ( 27201 )
Posted 463 days ago
Omegas aren't part of a pack. Omegas are lone wolves. No pack. And its "Alpha". The leader of the pack is an alpha, not an "alfa".
Fawkespryde ( 09684 )
Posted 467 days ago
Useless.. Three of the questions pretty much had nothing to do with the quiz. Maybe rethink and do a bit of research first?
GalaxyWolf ( 21572 )
Posted 478 days ago
GalaxyWolf ( 21572 )
Posted 478 days ago
I play minecraft and one of my minecraft BFFS is the alpha with her husband, and I'm the omega, even though I WAS the one who created our wolf clan this test says I'm alpha anyways! I can still be alpha, in my world
Justyce Hightower ( 28283 )
Posted 493 days ago
Im alpah growl other wovels back off.
Moth the griffon ( 95881 )
Posted 534 days ago
uhh....okay news flash! i am a ALPHA!!! ):3 [this is my evil natsu face] [fairy tale rules! ):3 so does avatar the last air bender
Gray Wolf ( 47187 )
Posted 534 days ago
‛I'm Alfa*Growl*Not you,I took this test ten times,and every time I was Alfa.I Loved wolves for a long time,and studied them,I even wish I was one,I handle my problems in a wolf like maner,and try to act like a alfa.Im 2nd oldest,My sister–who calls herself moth–and me play wolves outside a lot sooo,to make sure no fights apear we are both alfa,we lead our youngest brothers around its fun.
wild WOLF ( 31129 )
Posted 539 days ago
my animal name is Moth look 4 my comments [I am also moth the griffon] ):3
Gray Wolf ( 85600 )
Posted 540 days ago
Yo soy el lobo gris al'fa!
wildWOLF ( 32229 )
Posted 543 days ago
soo cool! i loved wolves since i was a young girl!