What wolf rank are you?

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Ever wondered what rank you would be in a wolf pack? Take this quiz to see whether or not you are an alpha, beta, gamma, delta, or omega!

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Mak (29202)
3 days ago
whoaaa 95% alpha! Noice. Wonder what the other 5% is....
yolo69 (98396)
4 days ago
im both

this message was to short boi
lol (83550)
17 days ago
"do you like the quiz", "what kind of type do you want to get". got alpha and delta. but im going to have to take a different test. bloody hell. if you look here before taking the test, don't waste your time, google on
Llolololo (83295)
25 days ago
Actually real wolves only have Alpha/Beta/Omega, and even those roles have been questioned if they even exist or are only made up by us humans lol. However if ur looking at human made ranks for werewolve there's a ot more than these.

have a look

my own person (79287)
26 days ago
Wolves have something called Sigma.
KoalaNinja (18576)
36 days ago
For 40 % you are: You are the alpha! You are the pack leader and dominant over all the other wolves. Everyone looks up to you. In your pack, your word is law. I preffer to live and let live, bcs I hate being told what to do, specially by clueless, prepotent, abusive, controllative or nosey ppl, though I do have an empathic, analytic, introspective, nourishing and resolutive nature, if there's an issue I solve it, delegate responsabilities to other ppl that are just panicking, shocked or making it worse, and then we make it work as a team but since a lot of humans are such useless egotistic whinners and hostile when other person is nice and empathetic to them while leading, I also let it go so they crash and burn, and I watch
Warrior and Master (72870)
45 days ago
For 70 % you are: You are the alpha! You are the pack leader and dominant over all the other wolves. Everyone looks up to you. In your pack, your word is law. What is the other 30%?!?!?!?
Bruh (03397)
65 days ago
I hate children. I'm bad at entertainment. I don't know the first thing about teaching... So... Tell me... Why in the blue am I Gamma?
Lunahuntress (90637)
76 days ago
I got 30% omega and 30% alpha. I might be wrong here but i don't think that adds up to 100% (sarcasm)
Gabriela (52402)
88 days ago
Not surprised I'm an omega I show hints of delta but I'm really a quiet but hyper and socially awkward person jeez something I never thought I would say about myself but it's pretty much true
Kaydence (36505)
99 days ago
I got 50 beta 50 whatever that 50 is I wanna know
Alice (84213)
101 days ago
If I'm 40 percent Gamma, what is the rest 60 percent of me?

We may never know.
Kenny (18103)
106 days ago
I did 10 Test and they all said I was a omega!!!☹️This is test number 10 too.☹️
Oyuna (48414)
115 days ago
In a real wolf pack, there is no such thing as an alpha, beta, gamma, delta, or omega. A real wolf pack is just like a family tree, with the original breeding pair as the "alphas."
Taurus (45440)
132 days ago
60% Alpha. Each time. Dam.
Destiny (51074)
136 days ago
Yay I'm 40% alpha my sister was an omega when she took the quiz.
Moro (94913)
145 days ago
Pretty sure I'd be an alpha and so I was. 40% alpha.
Skyler (46525)
158 days ago
I'm 30% beta but I want to be a omega.... Oh well
Ashley (06283)
192 days ago
I'm an Alpha. I'm not surprised I take this quiz multiple times and I still got Alpha.
rejoice the creation (48385)
229 days ago
the result is not clear good.... yesss!!