Do you think you have a crush on your teacher? (for girls only)

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Every teen girl goes through this stage: crushing on your teacher! You may have seen him before but now that you see him up close, these feelings you could only remember having with old crushes start to rise in you. But are you sure you're ready to admit these things to yourself, or is it just a surge of hormones (again)? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    How long have you known this teacher?
  • 2
    How did you know this teacher before seeing him in class?
  • 3
    What was the first thing you thought of when he began teaching in your class?
  • 4
    What do you like most about him?
  • 5
    Do you really hear him talking or do you just focus on him physically?
  • 6
    What do you feel when you start crushing on someone?
  • 7
    How good looking is he?
  • 8
    Do you want to impress him with good grades in his class?
  • 9
    Have you ever thought of being in a relationship with this teacher?
  • 10
    Lastly, what do you think you'll get in the results?

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**** (35620)
3 days ago
I'm also pretty sure he knows bc when he comes over near me to help another pupil, I always blush and when he looks at me we both smile and look away
**** (35620)
3 days ago
I'm 12.And I have a crush on my homeroom teacher. He looks just like one of my celeb crush's and he has a great personality. (I'm pretty sure he's in his 30's though)
Anna (89236)
3 days ago
I've first started crushing on my teacher when I was like 2 months on to school, when I first walked in his class I didn't mind I just talked to him like how other students talk to him, but when I was 2 months in i started falling in love just because im 13 years old doesn't mean that I don't know what love is... Because I do! I don't like him just because of his body, if I had the chance I would give him like a hundred reasons why im in love with him, well anyways when I started to like him I told my friends to tell him, so he knows, but when he was showing me how to weld and use the torch I started falling for him even more. I cry most nights listening to emotional music, and thinking that I can't have him because im 13 and he's 25.
Sally (69489)
4 days ago
Kiss him
Melissa (42966)
5 days ago
I'm 17 and my friends and my hole class was walking to the library and my 5th period teacher was behind me and I started talk about him and when we got to the library he pulled me to the side and he waited for the other students to go in the library and then he said I noticed you were talking about me and I said yes , he said I really like you and I want to make you mine and I said really I would love to and then we walked in and I was blushing and I went with my friends and he went on talking to other students and we kept simleing at each other. We are dating now
678life (25575)
26 days ago
Im actually bisexual so ive had crushes on girl and boy teachers but my homeroom teacher is very attractive he has a beard and brown eyes and a goregous smile everytime i think about him i get butterflies but soon after this year when im out if his class ill get over it.
Katriel Puth (91109)
31 days ago
I’m 12, and I have a crush on my science teacher. Now, I’m not in love with him, because my brain couldn’t process that, but he is an amazing funny person. I’m one of his favorite students, and I make good grades in his class. No one knows this, but if I told anyone I had a crush on him, they would make fun of me. (He’s like in his late 20’s early 30’s, even mid 30’s.) He’s not really that good looking, but I like his personality. Science is my favorite subject, but not because of him. I loved science ever since I was little. I think what gives it away is when I raise my hand in class, and I know the answer, but I stutter a lot. I do that with every teacher I have, but with him, it’s worse. His class is basically the only subject I pay attention to the most. To bad he’s married 😐
fkqd (09439)
36 days ago
I love my used to be P.E. teacher in seventh grade, he is literally so hot and has a really cute accent. He looks really nice and has a nice sculpted body. When we did our swim unit, he took off his shirt and he looked sooo hot. Even though I am infatuated with his looks, I also love his quirky personality. Btw plz give a shoutout to me if you are also in love with coach grey
MiaMeow (32261)
38 days ago
My Ap Calc teacher is the cutest. He has green/hazel eyes and a soothing voice. It's my favorite class and I try my best to impress him with good grades. I think he knows...he has to lol I smile way to hard when I say good morning to him
jfdgncnkk (44875)
62 days ago
From the very first day when he enters in our class I fell in love with him .. I was a new student so I was trying to be attentive in his class as much as I could and I get more exited when he look at me he is the cutest guy I have ever seen. With time I came to know that some other girl also like him and they r jealous because he frequently look at me ....
fallenredglitch (62159)
63 days ago
I don't know why, but I started developing a slight crush on my Choir teacher. He's just hilarious and seems really trust worthy. I remember one day in Choir, I was really tired from Gym. I felt like I was about to pass out. The whole time, the teacher kept asking if I was okay. At the end of class, he excused me to the nurse. But I couldn't get up without plopping back down. So he held his hand out and said, "Take my hand and we'll go together". I took his hand in mine and he helped me up. He had his other hand on my back while we walked through the hallways. We were walking up the grand staircase when he turns to me and goes, "Do you feel any better?" I said "Yeah". Even though I still felt like I was going to pass out I felt a lot better mentally then physically.
Anonymous triangle (89448)
72 days ago
yo what if my teacher's female?
Katie (93895)
74 days ago
The teacher I fell deeply in love with isn't necessarily hot I just imagine us being together everytime I come across him in the corridors or in the classroom, I love being around him and always zone out and just think about being in a relationship with him ❤️❤️❤️
Sneha (05647)
109 days ago
He's my coachin sir(English)....and i know him from past 2weeks only and the frst day I saw him, he looked sooooooooo handsome! I just couldn't take my eyes off him. He is veryyy good looking and sooo perfect almost in every aspect.
Me (80793)
112 days ago
Okay I have a MASSIVE crush on my teacher. But heres the thing hes about 50 and I still want him. I always want him to look at me but when he does I turn away. Its the summer after and I still havent stopped fantazising about him. Im only 13 I think I have a problem! HES SO HOT
Star (60643)
114 days ago
At first I thought bad of him but I regret it I like him he I need him alright I really do 😓😓
May (63781)
134 days ago
Okay, well, it was my 8th grade year, and it was like any other year. My teachers were cool, we all got to know them and all. But it was maybe a couple months in when I started to realize that I liked (and still like) my algebra teacher. He's really nice and good looking (to me, at least). He's the funniest teacher I've probably ever had. We connected on an emotional level, and we share some common interests. Unlike some other people who happen to be crushing on a twenty-something guy, he was 49 years old, and I was 13 (as of last year - he's fifty now). That almost makes me sound insane to like a guy that is old enough to be my dad. But, hey! He's absolutely great. I like him, and he cares and loves me as a teacher would care and love a student. I still imagine us together, though, him being not married and all. 💗, is that right?
Margaret (42469)
143 days ago
I'm 13 and my teacher is like in his twenty's and I blush everytime I see his eyes his smile and everything else, most times when he's talking to me I usually just zone out and get lost in his eyes 😍
But I really don't see myself In a relationship with him cause it will just look like Child Abuse
Lia (54892)
217 days ago
It's all start last year that I have feeling to my teacher, but it's kind of weird I guess because I actually never care about him. When he was first trasfer to my school, he had a good amount of fangirl even my friend dream to be his wife *sigh*. But started last year when he teach my class I start falling for him, but we never talk actually. But last year I see that he kinda different around me. He kind of focus to me. Then start this year we getting closer. Even my friend also notice that my teacher kinda have feeling for me. But I see we just like sister and brother but sometimes I see that he wants more then that. But I don't really know. Btw I 17 and my teacher is 28
dee (38052)
220 days ago
i dont know if i like him neither do i know if he likes me, but sometimes i used to catch him staring at me and if he sees me on the hallway he always greats me. i dont know if that is how he is with all women, and sometimes he passes comments in class that are directed to me....i know you will not understand. well i am 15 and i think he is 29 i pray and hope i will not fall in love with him or go crazy for him. i think all i need from him is just little more attention and sisterly love....