Are You A Good Person?

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Wanna know if you’re a good person or not? Well take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    You see an old lady hobbling across the street. You..
    Scream and push her across the street as fast as you can
    Push her down and laugh
    Just stare
    I don't know
    Help her across the street
  • 2
    Your friend has had a bad day at school. You...
    Comfort her and tell her tomorrow will be better
    Listen sympathetically, and then proceed to tell her about your great day
    I would make her day worse by making fun of her in front of the popular kids.
    Sob and cry and tell her if she had a bad day, then you did too
    I would avoid her, I wouldn't know what to say
  • 3
    Your little brother is getting bullied, and you witnessed it. You..
    I would be a bystander, I would be too scared even though they are younger
    Walk up to the bullies and inform them that your his older sibling, and to stop picking on him.
    I would get SO MAD and start bulling the kids myself.
    I would bully him myself and give him no mercy!
    I would go up to him and comfort him.
  • 4
    You want to stay up late but your parents insist that you don't. You..
    I would kick them and yell until they cowardly say I can stay up.
    I wouldn't say anything. I would sulk for a month
    Accept their opinion, knowing that they probably know best.
    Accept their opinion, but still hint about how much you'd like to.
    Scream and cry and pout till they give in out of pity
  • 5
    There's a huge party this weekend, but your best friend came down with the flu. You..
    Scream and cry and insist she come with even though she's sick.
    Go to the party and have a rockin good time! And talk nonstop about it when your friend comes back.
    Go to the party but send pics.
    Skip the party and arrive at her house with a bowl of soup, whether she's contagious or not. No party is worth not being with your friend!
    Go to the party. You don't wanna miss it and don't wanna get sick.
  • 6
    The doctor tells you your mother has pneumonia. You...
    You stay away from her. Hospitals stress you out and you don't wanna catch pneumonia.
    Visit her everyday and tell her you love and miss her, and hope she gets better.
    You cry and wail and visit everyday all day, hoping that you being there will help her.
    You don't miss her at all and have parties every night and stay up until 3 in the morning and don't do well in school.
    You visit a couple times a week and send her a card every once in a while.
  • 7
    Your dad tells you to take the garbage out, but you are watching a movie with your sister and you know she won't pause it for you. You...
    You throw a tantrum until your dad does it himself, or your sister pauses it and doesn't turn it back on until you are seated and comfortable.
    You do it, but sulk about it for the rest of the week.
    Do as your dad tells you to, and ask your sister what you missed.
    You act like you’re going to do it, but fake it so your dad has to do it when he goes to work.
    You whine for a little bit, but eventually do it.
  • 8
    Your friend Denise wants you over at her house for a baseball game at 4:00. It's 3:45 and mom wants you to clean your room before you go. But it's a pigsty in there. You..
    Call Denise and tell her you have to clean your room and will be late, and clean your room.
    You whine about it, and then sulk while cleaning.
    Sulk for a moment, but do it anyway and arrive late for the game.
    You sneak out the window and go over to Denise's. You are NOT missing a baseball game just so you can clean your room.
    Whine and shout until your mom does it for you.
  • 9
    You get in trouble for talking too much and land in detention. Your parents want you home earlier than usual for a family meeting. You..
    You get mad and stay mad all of detention, then tell off the teacher at the end.
    You ditch detention and go smoke with your popular friends, and forget about the meeting.
    Call your parents and tell them you'll be a bit late and explain why. Then do your time in detention, and go straight home.
    You whine and scream until you get out of detention and go home.
    You sulk but go to detention and face the music when you get home.
  • 10
    You find a box of abandoned puppies. You..
    Look around for who abandoned them, and then bring them to the shelter.
    Kick the box into the road and laugh as they get squished by a big truck.
    Bring them to the animal shelter and explain what happened.
    Scream and rush them to the nearest vet, what if they have rabies?
    Scoot away from the situation, but tell everyone in school the next day.

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