GONE series

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Have you read the whole series?

  • 1
    The story takes place in?
    A big town in Northern California.
    In space.
    A small town in Southern California.
    A city in New York.
    A rundown city in Mexico.
  • 2
    How do you disappear from the FAYZ?
    When you turn 15.
    If you touch the barrier.
    When you turn 16.
    Wish for it on a shooting star that has a unicorn on it giving away wings then take the wings and fly away, fly into a volcano to make your wings on fire, fly back out, do a 360 backflip and steal a gun and randomly fire it killing everyone below you.
    Find the exit.
  • 3
    Can coyote talk in the FAYZ?
    Are you insane? Since when do coyotes talk?
    Yes, but not very well.
    Talk? How could it?
    Yes, extremely well. It can talk better than humans.
  • 4
    What does the FAYZ stand for?
    For Ages You'll live Zone
    Fourth Apocalypse Youth Zone
    Fall-out Ally Youth Zone
    Forever At Your death Zone
    Nothing. It just sounds like phase.
  • 5
    What does the Gaiaphage mean?
    Gaia means destruction and phage means world so, World-destruction.
    Gaia means devour and phage means snake so, Snake-devour
    Gaia means eater and phage means worm so, Worm-eater.
    It doesn't mean anything. It just sounds cool.
    Gaia means love and phage means forever so, Forever-love
  • 6
    Is there someone that is gay? Who?
    Albert and Quinn
    What? No one is gay!
    Sam and Caine
    Drake and a tree
    Edilio and Rodger
  • 7
    What is the name of the island where the famous couple live?
    Madagascar Sales Island
    California de Sales Island
    San Francisco de Sales Island
    Island of the Rich
  • 8
    What was Lana's full name?
    Lana Darwin Lazer
    Lana Arwen Lazar
    Lana Lazare
    Lana Arewin Razal
  • 9
    What was the disease that spread?
    You get an extreme fever
    It makes you have hallucinations.
    You get an extreme fever
    You get a small cough. Nothing serious.
    It makes you really sick and eventually, you violently cough up your insides.
  • 10
    What colour did the barrier change at a time.
  • 11
    In the end, Lil' Pete used who's body to fight the Gaiaphage?
  • 12
    Great books weren't they? Yeah. I couldn't take my eyes of the page. Not literally. It had like, all the things I love in a book: Action, a bit of gruesomeness, romance, sorta sci-fi and suspense. I loved it. Did you? That's not my question. Um...a question...what should I ask? Ok a hard one.
    After the FAYZ ended, Sam in the hospital. When he decided to escape, what did he write on a piece of paper for the nurse to see if he/she came in?
    Peace out!
    Whahaha! You'll never catch me.
    Thanks for your time but I'm leaving now.
    I escaped.

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