A Warrior Cats Life

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Hi! Are you just DYING to have a Warrior Cat's life? I am... This personality test shall tell you your noble journey as a cat! Unless you're a cupcake.. are you? -1018paige

  • 1
    What life?
    A solo's path! Loner.
    A healer's quest! Medicine cat.
    A fighter's journey! Warrior.
  • 2
    What color would you be?
    Fiery red with blue eyes.
    Black with ragged fur.
    Brown with white markings.
  • 3
    What would your scent be? (I know, I know)
    Like rats.
    PONIES! AND RAINBOWS! (lol I'm a brony)
    The scent of irresistible catmint.
  • 4
    Mellow, not much of a fighter. You would only help, never hurt.
    Umm, I don't have much of one...
    A kind cat who would put up a fight if the had to, very VERY loyal.
  • 5
    What would you do if you saw a twoleg on YOUR territory?
    Umm, what did you think? Nothing.
    As I'm the deputy, order a battle party, and drive the flea-bitten mouse-brained fox-hearted thing OUT!
    Inform the leader and then keep sorting herbs.
  • 6
    Soft, has something to do with birds, or feathers, or...
    Umm, it's _____. Don't even.
  • 7
    Do you have a strong connection with Starclan?
    YES! *sniffs and walks away* BLUESTAR! 1018paige DOESNT LIKE ME!
    Umm, just a normal one.
    What's StarClam? Something Riverclan eats? I hate clams.. is it shaped like a star, at least?
  • 8
    HISS. *kills* 1018paige: I AM IMMORTAL!
    Meow mew meow mew! *chatters happily*
    Uhh... *walks away*
  • 9
    Starclan or Dark Forest? Gimme da truthhhh!
    My path of life leads to.. I ain't prophetic, but I would hope and think Starclan.
    OooooOOOOOooooOOOh, Star shaped clams and a dark forest-like motel to eat them in!
  • 10
    What does Fox-Dung mean?
    Umm, Tigerstar.
    YOU CUSSED! *leaves in disgust*
    That gross stuff I used to eat- WAIT I DIDNT SAY THAT OUT LOUD DID I!
  • 11
    Have you ever broken the code?
    Once, but I had to kill Hairybutt cuz he was UGLYYY
    What code? I can has code?

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