Test my history knowledge!

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12 Questions - Developed by: Anastasia - Developed on: - 2.108 taken

This is a general history knowledge Quiz and I think the questions are pretty easy because they are stuff I study on my own and not at school so they can't be complicated, enjoy.

  • 1
    King Henry VIII of England married six times. Who was his fifth wife?
    Catherine Howard
    Catherine Parr
    Anne Boleyn
    Elizabeth Blount
  • 2
    When did Christopher Columbus discover America?
  • 3
    Where was William Shakespeare born?
  • 4
    In Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh was considered to be the living version of which god?
  • 5
    When did Marie Antoinette's husband die?
    20 August 1793
    20 August 1759
    21st January 1793
  • 6
    Which of these "ages" of man came first?
    Copper age
    Bronze age
    Iron age
    Neolithic age
  • 7
    What is the correct order of their appearance in history?
    Atilla the Hun, Tutankhamun, Alexander the Great, Marco Polo
    Marco Polo, Tutankhamun, Alexander the Great, Atilla the Hun
    Tutankhamun, Alexander the Great, Atilla the Hun, Marco Polo
    Alexander the Great, Atilla the Hun, Tutankhamun, Marco Polo
  • 8
    How long did the Hundred Years' War last?
    116 years
    99 years
    100 years
    It's still going on
  • 9
    Which Empire, with a capital in Constantinople, was in power for over 620 years, from 1299 to 1923?
    The British Empire
    The Ottoman Empire
    The Byzantine Empire
    The Persian Empire
  • 10
    Who was Anne Boleyn?
    Queen of France
    Queen of Northern Ireland
    Princess of Dowager
    Queen of England
  • 11
    Who was the Virgin Queen?
    Elizabeth I
    Catherine of Aragon
    Mary I
  • 12
    When was Julius Caesar assassinated?
    March 15, 44 AD
    August 1, 30 BC
    March 15, 44 BC

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