Am I Beautiful?

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This is for girls only. This quiz will help you figure out how beautiful you are and what kind of beautiful you are. Super accurate!

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    What is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror?

Comments (88)


Habib (07632)
5 hours ago
I m boy so kill your self
A. Person (73683)
23 hours ago
*swear words to the pink love heart emojis
A. Person (73683)
23 hours ago
It changed sweet words o love heart emojis btw
A. Person (73683)
23 hours ago
This is 💗. It creates false stereotypes and bases loads of 💗 around boys when this is supposed to be about beauty, not sexual appeal and 💗
curly (78981)
i think this test is a bad exsmaple for girls (and i am aware that i cant spell lol)
curly (78981)
my desrpiction wasnt very accurate at all it said that boys wont like me for me i had to wait for the right one which is true is should wait for the right one but it seems like there telling me i am a fake person which i dont see my self as fake so i dont really know i didnt really care for the test and i think by reading the comments the people taking this test are like 12 which at that age dont even think about that i mean it didnt i dont really think that this is meant for that age grou[.
Skinny (93729)
7 days ago
I did the worst but it says that i'm beautiful XD
teresa (65937)
16 days ago
When you say the cutest bikini I can find I was a little ewwwww. Because I am not really a tennage yet. So yeah. But thank you so much for saying I am beautiful the results is wonderful. And give me more confidence then I ever have before. Thank you again for this you are amazing. (Didn't mean to SHOW OF LA. )As long as we think we are beautiful we always are.
Lisa (25327)
18 days ago
He says I am beautiful, I will tell about me- straight hairs, brown eyes, age -12 years, 5foot 2 inches tall,bright face, iconic eyes[without makeup], average body, caramel lips, silky hairs....
am i beautiful ?
Ellie Thapa (91056)
21 days ago
I just love this test ..thanks for making me realise that m beautiful someway or another. .
Reahkat (45182)
21 days ago
13 years old
115 lbs
Bright blue eyes
Stick-straight carmal hair
Not stick thin, but not fat

Am i pretty, ugly, or somewhat beautiful
Idk what I am
Naina (59364)
30 days ago
Awesome and every thing is true ,. The options are interested

Susmita raut (27111)
36 days ago
It is soo much surprise for me thank you soooo muchh for this results
Anonymous (21672)
39 days ago
Shame on basic and twisted world views, shame
Chicken Joe (94721)
40 days ago
PREACH GIRL (OR BOY), PREACH!! I agree with u 110% about ur opinion on this test. Lol
Some one (40641)
40 days ago
It told me exactly what i already knew. It told me stuff related to my friends and sense of style nothing about my actual beauty. I wasn't offended by it but i think that any other girl that was told that she is anything less than she really is would have been totally hurt. I dont want to be rude to the person who made this but only to say that it is a very bias opinion that is shown in the final results. I personally think that the results for each and every person that takes the quiz should be that we are all beautiful and no matter what anyone says you are totally and truthfully beautiful.
Normelyn (17183)
55 days ago
Omg! Thank you for the advice it was really helpful!
Clair bear (57023)
59 days ago
Girl, i totally agree that this was bullcrap. It told me that i was an average joe, and that is offensive because, I think that every girl is beautiful in their own way. I bet that lots of girls were offended by this test. Tell me if you were offended by this test. I defently was offended.
emily young (96014)
62 days ago
this test is bullcrap. im not trting to be a hater but their asking u how much make up you where, what clothes and swimsuits you wear, what guys think of you and if your popular or not. justbecause you where tons of makeup or where the lattest trending clothes or if the boyys aare all over you or if you are a nerd dosent mean if your beautiful or not. i know some `nerdy``'average' girls that are deautiful and failed the test so
1405236 (91666)
68 days ago
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!