Am I Beautiful?

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This is for girls only. This quiz will help you figure out how beautiful you are and what kind of beautiful you are. Super accurate!

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    What is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror?

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SF (83369)
32 days ago
Apparently I'm "drop dead gorgeous and boys secretly like me!" I don't think that at all. Here's my features comment what u think!

Brown hair with natural silver streak in it
Pale, slightly scarred skin w/ light freckles on my cheeks
High cheekbones
Slightly on the chubby side
124 pounds
Blue-green eyes with toasty brown around the pupils
4 feet, 3 1/2 inches

Jasmin (26411)
34 days ago
It was nice
But I am not so beautiful
however they say I am .
Azlan (60191)
49 days ago
Reply to LIzzy: Probably because they are jealous of your beauty
Lizzy (85376)
49 days ago
Im bi and people hit on me or bully me
Zoo (82339)
49 days ago
"people don't like you for you"
Cherie (12229)
50 days ago
lmao them questions about guys. I'm hella gaaaaaayy
imene (67752)
52 days ago
"Boys secretly like you but are too afraid to admit it because they are afraid you won't like them back" LMAO
Hailey (49731)
52 days ago
The test results say I'm beautiful but guys only like me for my body, which is really weird
Chicken Joe (14546)
55 days ago
I am gay but, I think he likes me!!! I am soooo happy that he many likes me!!😁😘😍
Jessy (55557)
57 days ago
soni (27800)
59 days ago
i am very happy with my results
ugly (66627)
59 days ago
I am not at all dead georgeous I think as my ugly only but I don't how they said like that even dirty water look better than me so it was so fun
Lel (47277)
59 days ago
I don’t think I’m buatiful anough
AmIGorgeous? (87098)
59 days ago
It didn't really say. What do you think?
I have medium blond hair
Blue eyes
HIgh cheek bones
Nude skin
brownish eyebrows
I'm about 5 foot
I'm 12 years old
Weigh about 80 lbs
Valentine (08642)
60 days ago
ur beautiful in your own way ;)
Sophie (61951)
62 days ago
Visually I'm one of the ugliest n my class, but internally I'm awsome😏
Reahkat (14546)
62 days ago
Honestly I think i am not beautiful at all. But when i took this test, it told me that I am absolutely Gorgeous, but boys are afraid of me because they are afraid of rejection. I think of myself as fat and chunky. But most of my friends and family tell me I am skinny and I laugh and tell them no.
MosaicalMusical (26924)
65 days ago
I have always felt not pretty enough, fat, and underappreciated. I know that it's what's on the inside that counts, but still...
I am 12 years old, I have hazel eyes, I have longish brown wavy hair that gets lighter near the bottom (only because my hair was dyed at one point and it had to be bleached), I have fair skin, I am 5' 1", I weigh over 120 I beautiful?(
Me shy (69441)
69 days ago
I feel ugly into this
Lumine wolf (81377)
72 days ago
It said im pretty but I mostly enjoy being myself and being funny.☺☺