Am I Beautiful?

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This is for girls only. This quiz will help you figure out how beautiful you are and what kind of beautiful you are. Super accurate!

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    What is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror?

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Not sure (60393)
69 days ago
I’m not really sure if I’m beautiful or not. I wear no makeup and I wear “average” clothes. But I’ve been told I am by friends, family, and my boyfriend. I’m not really sure if they mean it. I don’t put myself down for my looks, I try to see the good in myself. I’m just not sure because I look a lot different from everyone I know and everybody I’ve ever seen before.
What the hecc (25090)
71 days ago
My test answer came back with totally opposite answers than what I put? I don't understand.
Couldn't care less girl (57023)
72 days ago
What?? Are you talking to me or, I hate cheese? I didn't say any of that. But i total agree
Dear, couldn't care less girl (10879)
77 days ago
GIRLFRIEND, if he thinks your not pretty enoph for him, than you Should not date him, he is a jerk if he tells you that your not pretty enoph, go punch him in the face girl! You don't deserve him, and nor does he deserve you rather girl!!!!
I hate cheese (10879)
77 days ago
This test told me that I am beautiful, but I don't believe it. My boyfriend dumped me because I wasn't pretty enoph for him. But my current boyfriend tells me every day that I am is beautiful little angle. I don't know anymore. But this test made me feel beautiful, thank you!☺
Couldn't care less girl (10879)
80 days ago
I think the test was a little sketchy, idk i think I am a little troll that lives underneath a very furnished bridge. I have a boyfriend and he tells me that i am beautiful, but I don't know if i believe him. My parents tell me I am beautiful, even my ex still tells me. What should I think? Idk any more. Please help me!!😥
Whatever (12640)
101 days ago
JustMe (98289)
110 days ago
My Result:
"You think you are kind of pretty and you are more than "kind of" you are drop dead gorgeous and you have an amazing personality. Boys secretly like you but are too afraid to admit it because they are afraid you won't like them back. My advice is to try some new styles, don't be afraid to be bold, and always be yourself no matter what."
I don't even think I am kind of pretty, No one has ever called me beautiful, not inside, not outside....
IzzyBella (61677)
110 days ago
Why do so many girls say that they are not beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Some have a personality that makes them beautiful. You don't have to look like the models on the TV commercials for makeup. You don't need to wear short shorts or crop tops and put on Instagram makeup to be beautiful. The most amazing types of beauty is when you are humble. So do you believe in girl power? I sure do. You don't need a big butt or boys staring at you to be beautiful. Because all of the girls who do that stuff to themselves, it is fake true beauty comes from your inner personality. A lot of girls have pretty faces but that isn't the only thing that makes them beautiful. Some girls just think being pretty is a one way ticket to popularity but it isn't . Don't doubt yourself
IzzyBella (61677)
111 days ago
It said that I am beautiful and I know it. They also said boys are lining up to me because they like me. It said that I have the type of beauty like you don't know it but everybody does. This quiz just gave me a whole lot of self confidence. Boys and other people at my school would come up to me sometimes and say that I was pretty but I never thought so. I used to compare myself to people like Cara Delabeagne and Taylor Swift but now that is all behind. Kids at my school were always shy to share their feelings. I guess beauty is really inside and out. Believe in yourself
Lol (59175)
112 days ago
I find weird is this, I eat chocolate everyday yet I'm still thin, my face is hidden behind acne ;-; so why do people call me beautiful, I'm a 💗 so don't say I am from the inside
I want honesty!!! (55403)
116 days ago
So.... I have a long story which has had a great influence on my self confidence......
When I was younger, people never called me pretty, at home. At school. But they never called me ugly. She I would ask them About my looks. They said your nice.
When I hit middle school I was called ugly a lot.....
When I hit high school, I was called a supermodel..... like..... everyone called me gorgeous and all guys stared at me..... girls were jealous of me but would still compliment me...... my selfies were pretty but I found that whenever someone took a photo of me I looked ugly...... Jrr average....
I think I'm average and at times..... provided I wear heaps of make up can be pretty....
My feautures are not nice.... I have a small forhead, crooked lips, asymmetrical chin, round eyes, and a big nose..... my cheeks are chubbyish and my face has no definition whatsoever!!!
Can someone plz tell me ehatw going on!!!
Rebecca (40833)
119 days ago
I am not perfect but I am not ugly
random gal (36004)
130 days ago
Dear bukola, why would you care what a test says? You are beautiful inside and out! Don't let some test tell you otherwise!❤❤
bukola (07675)
133 days ago
i am confuse,some say i am beautiful and some say i am not
No name (74175)
135 days ago
And why is it keep on mentioning boys???? What if you are beautiful but boys don't flirt with you? Boys dont only go for the body! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
No name (74175)
135 days ago
If you really think that the test shouldn't be up on the internet then why are you taking the test????
Millie (32113)
150 days ago
I took the test and it said not to hang out with boys I have lots of friends that are boys so why should I not hang out with them I think they shouldn't have these tests on the Internet because ppl are think they should do stuff they love
A Squirl (44295)
152 days ago
This test is kinda messed up..
Thefuzzykoala13 (61578)
153 days ago
Even if your test result isint what you wanted it
To be ... don't let it get you down , you are beautiful in your own way don't let anyone change who you are!😆