Are You An Animal Person?

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Wanna know if you are welcome to all animals? Well find out! Right now!

  • 1
    There's a cat rubbing against your leg. You...
    Get that disgusting lump of fur off my leg.
    That's cute. You'd pet it and maybe if it doesn't claw you let it sit on your lap.
    Squeal and say, "oh how adorable!" You'd rub it against your cheek and never let it go!
  • 2
    There's a badly hurt baby squirrel in the middle of the road. You..
    Rush out in the middle of traffic and nurture it back to health.
    Laugh as he/she gets squished by a big lorry truck.
    Get it out of the road and put it in a tree so its mama can find him.
  • 3
    There's a mouse in your house! You...
    You get it out of the house, and then call a fumigator just in case it brought any of its friends
    Squish it when it comes out of its hiding spot, and then scrape the guts in the middle of the road so people think it's roadkill!
    Catch it and make your home its home!
  • 4
    A weird looking bug flies into the classroom. Your reaction:
    I'm going to squish that thing the first chance I get!
    Ew. I hope it doesn't come near me.
    Awwww! Can I chase it around the classroom and keep it Mr. Teacher?
  • 5
    A baby rabbit is in your yard. You..
    Try to catch it but give up 10 seconds later.
    Chase it until it runs into the road. And then laugh when roadkill happens.
    Chase it until you find it, and keep it as a pet.
  • 6
    Your BF has a golden retriever. You...
    Pet it for a little while, then turn to your BF.
    Make out with your BF the whole time never once glancing at the dog.
    Pet it madly and have it lick your face and get so absorbed you don't even notice your BF.
  • 7
    When you go to the museum, you see fish! You..
    You absorb them for a little while, then move on to something else.
    Don't even look at them. The only fish you want to see is sharks! Or the ones that you’re going to be eating for dinner.
    Stare at them in wonder as they swim around flicking their gills. You stay there until the museum closes, then hide out so you can stay there all night. Your mom won't mind.
  • 8
    You see birds at the zoo! You..
    Watch them for a bit, and then move on.
    Ask the zoo owners if you can take all of them home. Then stare at them in wonder the whole time your there.
    You don't go to zoos. They're for little kids and besides you don't like birds.
  • 9
    You see a raccoon digging in your trash. You..
    Don't do anything. Raccoons are dirty and besides it's just trash!
    Chase it until it leaves. No raccoons are digging in my trash tonight!
    Catch it and keep it. They are so cute! And besides, they're born burglars, complete with the mask!
  • 10
    Last question: Would you sacrifice your life for an animal?
    It depends on what animal it is..
    No way! I'm more important.

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