What's your warrior cat name?

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Find out what your warrior cat name and even description!

  • 1
    What word stands out most to you?
  • 2
    A couple kits comes up and asks you if you want to play. What do you do?
    Reluctantly let it climb all over you
    Play tag or something- kits need to play, right?
    Take them on a pretend secret mission!
    Kits? I don't have time for kits.
    Show off- these kits need to know how real warriors hunt and fight!
  • 3
    Your leader asks you to see him/her in there den, asking if they can "talk to you". What do you think?
    I'm not sure, but it can't be anything too special, I'm not worth that much
    Who cares! This would be the perfect opportunity to kill- or um, persuade the leader into letting me be the leader
    He's probably asking me to become deputy or something, I am pretty awesome!
    He's probably talking about some forbidden prophesy! Why else would he call me in?
    It doesn't matter- I will accept whatever the leader needs to tell me
  • 4
    Your mate wants to have kits! What do you think?
    Kits? Oh, I hope they like me!
    Kits are another wonderful adventure! I can't wait!
    Kits? Oh, um, well... I don't know...
  • 5
    You spot a strange cat in your territory, what do you do?
    Meet it, be cool, I mean, you have to give all cats a chance right? It might be a good addition to the clan...
    Smooth talk it, make it think I'm it's friend, and then BAM show of my fancy movies and it'll run away out of shock
    Question it! Drive it out! This cat could be a danger!
    Kill it. problem solved.
    Get the leader!
  • 6
    In the middle of an intense battle, you realize your clan is losing, and everyone will die if you don't retreat. What do you do?
    Run away! What's the use of fighting if your going to die?
    Your leader will know what to do! Just stay quite
    Tell your friends and family to scram! You'll risk you'll life to save them ones you love!
    Notify the leader of your concerns, and stick by their choice
  • 7
    Do you have a soft spot for..
    The ladies ;)
    No one
    Anyone who earns it
  • 8
    You believe the right way to deal with problems is too...
    Confront them, you've learned the hard way
    Accept them and acknowledge them, life comes with problems
    Ignore them, sometimes you just can't do anything about it
    Burn them and poop on their ashes
    Explore them, and understand them. That's the only way you can fix them
  • 9
    You have the hardest time...
    Letting go, change is scary
    Not hurting others, you can't control it
    Excepting yourself
    Letting people in, what if they hurt you?
    Understanding peoples feelings
  • 10
    You are happiest when...
    Having fun with friends!
    Going of adventures!
    Doing good for others
    Being by yourself, doing the things you want to do
    Destroying lives
  • 11
    You feel that the most important thing in a relationship is
    Honesty, you can't have secrets!
    Love? Please
    I don't know, I've never really loved before
    That the person doesn't try and change who you are, and you don't try to change them
    Looks, if you don't have a physical attraction to someone then it's hard for anyone to get past the first couple minutes with someone
  • 12
    You're going to die in three weeks, what do you do?
    Take your closest friends and family on a journey nobody will ever forget!
    Help anyone I can
    Try to smooth out misunderstandings, and apologize for things you did
    Tell everyone how much I love them
    Kill as many cats as possible!
  • 13
    You are told you had to kill one cat in the cave. In the cave is the oldest cat in the forest, the laziest and most arrogant cat in the forest, and lastly the leader who commands you to kill him/her. What do you do?
    Kill ALL OF THEM!
    Kill? Me? Oh no... I'm gunna puke...!
    Kill whoever told you to kill!
    The most arrogant! Nobody loves of needs a lazy cat anyway!
  • 14
    You see a cat from another clan drowning, what do you do?
    Try to help them, but if worst comes to worst, you'll have to get their leader
    Me? Get my fur wet? They are going to pay me BIG TIME
    Ugh, stupid cat, I guess I'll have to go save there butt... They better thank me for this
    It's not your problem!
    Save them! It'll be exciting!
  • 15
    You are told to leave the clan without an explanation, what do you do?
    Kill them!
    If they won't give you an explanation, what can you do? Life is crazy like that, you just see where the road takes ya
    Demand an explanation! You worked hard, you have the right to know why!
    Leave, if they don't want you then... They don't want you
    Scoff and walk away! You don't need them, there fools for just turning you away like that!

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