Would Moriarty hire you? [Sherlock]

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Moriarty is looking for a new partner in crime. Will you turn out to be his right-hand man? Or remain a low-class criminal not worth his time?

  • 1
    You are told to kill a man and hide his body. How would you do it?
    Slit throat and burn
    Drown and scatter in Forest
    Burn and bury
  • 2
    You have been caught by Detective Inspector and you are being chased down a street. Where would you go?
    Into a store where you can act as a customer
    You run as far as you can and then duck behind whatever you can
    Down a dimly lit ally and hide behind an object
    You would let yourself get caught for the sake of the team
  • 3
    You are told to lure Sherlock to Moriarty. How would you do it?
    You leave the games up to Moriarty
    Threaten his precious little pet John Watson and have Sherlock come for him
    Call Sherlock directly and give him riddles to solve to find Moriarty
    Attack multiple places and kill multiple people then leave a message for him
  • 4
    You are being tortured and threatened to be killed if you don't give them information. What do you do?
    Let them beat you to a pulp. You would never betray your boss
    Kill yourself. They will never get the information from you
    Escape. You aren't telling them, but you certainly aren't dying either
    Tell them. You don't want to die
  • 5
    You kill multiple people. Their deaths are gruesome. How do you feel?
    A little queasy, but that will pass. You did well
    You kill yourself. You can't live knowing what you've done
    You feel strong. You have completed your task
    Sick to the stomach. You vomit violently at the sight.
  • 6
    You fall in love with the person you have to kill. What do you do?
    You run away with your lover, never to be seen again.
    You tell them what is going to happen to them, give them a few moments, then kill them
    You apologize, let them run away and tell the police. You get put away and you tell them everything.
    Kill them. A job is a job.
  • 7
    You find out you might have to die for Moriarty. How do you react?
    Neutral, but prepared. You took this job.
    You commit suicide. You wanted the job, but not that bad.
    Frightened. You run away. You can't die.
    Upset, but prepared. You'll do anything as long as it stops Sherlock.
  • 8
    How would you describe yourself?
    Insane, vicious, teasing
    Seductive, liar, deadly
    Playful, chatterbox, loud
    Creepy, quiet, awkward
  • 9
    You are given a choice of weapons. What do you chose?
    A long blade. Something that resembles a sword, for quick, deep cuts.
    A gun. Long range, easy to use.
    Nothing. You only need your fists.
    A small, handheld knife. Easy to use. You like getting up close.
  • 10
    What would Moriarty see in you?
    A sneaky villain. You don't kill, just attack and kidnap.
    He'd see a hardworking criminal, ready to kill.
    Nothing special.
    A breakable dandelion. You are only murderous when angered

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