Vocational Career Readiness

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This is a quiz is designed to assist someone considering “career readiness” for a new vocation that assists others. It presumes that the vocational position being considered would make a positive impact on others and requires at least three years to learn how to do it well. This quiz should not be used by human resource professionals to screen candidates, but they may encourage candidates to use this tool to reflect on their own readiness to make a commitment toward a helping profession.

  • 1
    If I were to move somewhere tomorrow, I would need to…
    I couldn’t leave tomorrow, I have a lease, pets, and family here.
    Rent a u-haul truck to take all my stuff.
    Pack up my car and go.
    Put a few things in a bag and be ready to go, thank God.
  • 2
    When employers have given me critical feedback to improve my performance, I honestly...
    Get defensive and argumentative more often then I should.
    Cannot remember a time when someone thought I needed to improve on something
    Can hide my defensive nature, but it takes a while for me to feel better again because I can be pretty sensitive
    Usually feel get a little sensitive but it passes, especially when I am doing something important
    Appreciate it because I like getting feedback regarding my work performance
  • 3
    How long did/will it take for you to finish college?
    4 œ years (or on track for that time)
    More than 5 years
    I am still in school and I don’t know when I will graduate for sure.
    4 years or less (or on track for that time)
    5 years (or on track for that time)
  • 4
    When someone asks me for my opinion and I know hearing the truth will hurt them…
    I tell them, because I tell the truth all the time.
    I try to change the subject.
    I shade the truth so that it doesn’t hurt that much.
  • 5
    When I am presented with a new and difficult task to accomplish, I will…
    Set aside other distractions and focus until I can figure it out on my own.
    Ask for advice from someone who knows how to do it, and then do it myself.
    Try to enlist someone else to do it for me.
    Do it for a reasonably long time until I get frustrated and quit.
  • 6
    When someone pokes fun in a kind hearted way at how I act or talk, I…
    I usually find myself laughing along.
    I usually ignore people like that.
    I either laugh or get annoyed depending on the person doing the poking.
    I get annoyed and try to figure out how I can get back at them.
  • 7
    I could see myself working long hours at the same job for a long time, as long as…
    I had enormous creative freedom to do what I wanted.
    Not applicable - I couldn’t see myself working the same job for a long time if long hours were involved.
    I believed in their mission whole heartedly.
    I started the organization.
    I could make significant amounts of money.
  • 8
    Regarding marriage…
    It’s not likely to happen in my lifetime.
    I have been dating someone for a long time but marriage isn’t something we want to do for at least a few more years.
    I have been dating someone for a long time and marriage is inevitable, probably in the next year.
    I am happily married.
    I hope the next person I date is someone that I could spend the rest of my life with because I am tired of short term relationships.
  • 9
    What has been your longest job?
    Less than 12 months
    2-3 years straight or off/on
    3-5 years straight
    5+ years straight
    1 year straight or off/on
  • 10
    If I was miserable at my next job and had been there for a month, I would probably...
    Apply for another job and once I was offered one, quit.
    Try to discuss my objections with my employer and see if I could make it work before I quit.
    Apply to graduate school or volunteer positions overseas, and once I was accepted, quit.
    Put in two weeks notice, move home, and figure out next steps.
  • 11
    When I hear that it may take three years to learn to do a “helping vocation” well...
    My reaction was, “three years? That’s forever!”
    I may be hesitant at first, but if I related well to the mission of the organization and quitting would hurt the people I am serving, I would stick it out.
    I would have to seriously think about it because that’s a long commitment.
    That would be fine because I am looking to start a career at this time.
    I wouldn’t think much about it because, honestly, “if I like the job, I’ll stay. If not, I’ll quit”
  • 12
    Regarding compliments, I…
    Always change the subject whenever someone compliments me because I seek to be selfless in all that I do.
    Appreciate receiving compliments, when they are well deserved.
    Sometimes find myself fishing for compliments.
    Am susceptible to flattery when people use it to get something they want from me.
  • 13
    What term best describes where you are in life now?
    Emerging Adult

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