True Friend Or Fake Friend?

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Have you ever wondered if your friend was a real one or a fake one? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others mishaps and mistakes?

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121 days ago
I used to have Some fake friends when I was like eleve or so. I'm very glad I now only have true friends. Sometimes we argue, but it never comes to a fight, we're just to close๐Ÿ˜Š
Just wow.. (80366)
122 days ago
So..i have this friend i told her i liked lets call him this boy and she said okay... then a cuple of days later she told me she liked him and i got mad because last year i had a friend who liked my crush and backstabbed me and kissed him but...she told me she liked him and everytime i try to talk to him she pushes me away or starts talking to him or asks me what im doing and she think she playing around but i hurts...alot ....and i dont now what to do....
Priyanka (09754)
133 days ago
My frnd is everything for me
poptarts (77505)
139 days ago
fake friends. I really didn't want to admit it, but they have lied a lot and I can't tell them anything. they keep saying they're my best friend and I never thought as much, but no one else would bother to hang out with me...
fitoun (14343)
140 days ago
yup, fake friends are all around you
when you and your friend are all goods then a girl from her class comes and wrecks the friendship you have between your best friend:(
diya (05390)
148 days ago
GOT 80%
Hi๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ€ (96219)
181 days ago
My friend in computer science turned my computer off and I lost all of my work from that lesson, therefore I was cross. Because I was angry at her she said that she f'ing hated me and I was a horrible dwarf because I am small. I don't know what to say to her I've been Ignoring her because I think she is just using me :/
brieah.w (12710)
197 days ago
the worst thing about maddison is that i cant seem to ask her anything without her yelling at me the only thing she'll say to me is just because i don't know why and if u have a friend like that just say ok well if your the type of person i am next time i see her im making sure i get the ansure
tamaedesu (35602)
220 days ago
my 'friend' told my former crush that I wanted to have๐Ÿ’—with him, have his babies, go out with him and kiss him. ALL JUST BECAUSE OF SOMETHING STUPID. I included her in a completely random story and she was a minor character. She like, barely appeared.
petty ignorant anoying blonde that talks too (29760)
236 days ago
so like i had this freind pricilla and she and i got into fights about stupid things and then she got this gf named yecill and it sounded like she was useing her so then all of a sudden pricilla started saying i had no freinds and i was petty and i was anoying then i had this other "freind" and she said i talk too much and then i was being sarcastic to an adalt and siad i was ignorant and she did not denie it
jazmin (20023)
246 days ago
my friend is mad at me we fight a lot and we are not fine now she thinks I only use her and I don't want to really want to be her friend
Random lol (32289)
251 days ago
My 'friend' is super annoying like I love her bc she's a rly close friends and all but she's so unbelievably physically abusive towed me she always does things to piss me off just bc she knows I won't react bc I'm shy and can't stand up for myself like that, is she using me, she lured a bottle of water over my new headphones and started laughing as if it were a joke?! I honestly felt like crying then
Galaxy (33278)
251 days ago
i got mostly fake friends ;(
someone 354678 (63725)
254 days ago
some so call friend amelia bishop is she just plays with libbi at school now and she always used to play with me not me not any more:(((((
someone (72482)
256 days ago
so like my friend and i used to be really close and bffs in elementary school but now there's this unnecessary drama about a boy. so lets say my close friend's name is cathy, and the ex girlfriend who dated my boyfriend of right now was named jenny. so cathy and jenny are friends, and cathy and i are also good friends. so my bf broke up with jenny and now shes all salty and all lying bull๐Ÿ’— to my face and spreading rumors and probably telling cathy lies. but cathy believes her and now she called my bf a ๐Ÿ’— and now shes all talking to jenny and its so annoying because i thought she was my friend and now shes just going around talking ๐Ÿ’— about me and my bf and shes not even telling anyone else they're like talking about or what fake rumors they're spreading. this girl jenny is getting on my last nerve cause she keeps on lying and lying her๐Ÿ’—off and she just gets caught in these webs of lies. shes so desperate and she just needs to get over him.
Lily (74654)
273 days ago
But it's only when they've done something to either upset me or her
Sjors (41883)
283 days ago
I dont speek English...
random (65794)
286 days ago
So, I would like you all to know.. that finding the BEST FRIEND isn't easy at all. Fake people are everywhereee ... you may have a best friend now but.. do you constantly fight with her or feel excluded or anything? Have u ever had doubts on your friendships? Well i have. Today i have realized that i shouldnt trust just anybody. Im in this sort of bestfriend group. One of them says bad things about the other and acts all lovey dovey with each other. 100% fake. the other is more.. i guess friendly but still dont trust either of them anymore. always siding with each other and always looking for unnecessary problems. Hope to find a best friend one day. This is why i hate moving. i miss my old friends.
someone (99805)
304 days ago
Ok... so.. I have this 'friend'... let's call her Libby... so I took this test thinking about her.. I put all of the true answers.. and of course I know that she is just a fake friend!! She drags my best friend, let's call her Skye, so she drags skye away from me and just tries to leave me out! Whenever me and Skye are talking, she starts to cry!! Her eyes are always full of tears. I met her like a year ago and i've known Skye for 4 years. I'm not saying whoever you know the longest is your best friend. But I told Skye about what Libby is doing. And now I'm so, so glad that Skye tells me what Libby is saying behind my back. (btw these are random names) Once, she told Skye that I went through her bag!!! Who would do that? I mean like what have i done to her. She calls me a liar too.. I think it's the other way round.. Libby told me once that Skye was lying about something that went on.. but I was sitting near Skye and I never heard her say anything really to her!! Anyway.. no lie. This comment is not a lie and it's actually hard for me to cope with Libby stealing Skye away from me. I'd rather have an honest enemy than a fake friend.. True friends cry when you leave... Fake friends leave when u cry...
Anonymous ๐Ÿ’œ (52355)
330 days ago
Hey a person!! Ik u commented a while ago, but just incase ur reading this, I have an answer. I think that ur friend, at first, may have been just mean to u to impress that other girl, but then, bc u said she started to hang out with her more, and when u confronted her, she said she doesn't know what u were talking about, she started to act like that other girl. My advice, is confront her maybe one more time. Tell her that u would like to still be friends, but can't be if she continues with her behaviour. If she doesn't continue and apologizes, congrats! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ But if she DOES continue, I think u should just leave her be. It's her choice if she wants to apologize or come back to u. U can't make her. I hope I helped! I'm not a total expert on this stuff, but ur scenario was similar to one I have ๐Ÿ˜‚ Btw I'm 13.