True Friend Or Fake Friend?

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Have you ever wondered if your friend was a real one or a fake one? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others mishaps and mistakes?

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phinya (78331)
326 days ago
Petros always complained about me not trusting him saying I am his friend I should trust him and saying that people who don't trust him piss him off.It doesn't make sense because trust should be earned.Claiming you trust someone doesn't mean you do its something you feel.He was a user.1nce you show him that you trust him he abuses your trust so how does he expect to be trusted then? When I told him that I don't trust anyone,whoever I trust I draw a line he felt bad.He was always harassing me with trust issues saying I must trust him wholeheartedly.How could he expect to be trusted after abusing people 's trust? He was aiming too HIGH!!! INDEED!!! He always claimed to trust me so that he could use me and dispose me just like that.Sometimes when he wanted to advice me he would find a 3rd party s opinion and in reality a real friend doesn't do that.They come to you alone.He thought by befriending me he was doing me a favour since he had better friends so when I disposed him he was embarassed.When I called my real friend to my room to talk serious issues he followed him because he got cocky up to a point where he believed he was always welcome when I chased him away he was embarassed.I kept doing it and he felt bad when I kept leaving him out.It was a gentle way of disposing him and his ๐Ÿ’—!!! ๐Ÿ’— HIM THAT ๐Ÿ’—!!!
phinya (17061)
328 days ago
That Petros guy was a smooth talker.He claimed to care about me and claimed I felt like a younger brother knowing at the back of his head he was smooth-talking me to use me easily and dispose me when it suited him.He noticed the respect I had for him despite the fact that he was a midget and I was a GIANT even though he was a year older and a grade ahead.He took advantage of that.Sometimes asking from me claiming I was the only 1 he could rely on leaving his cooler and wiser friends to use me.Sometimes he would make fun of me and hummiliate and then try to be friendly after a while so that I don't hold a grudge against him.He was even getting involved in my personal life acting as if he owns my territory and when I reprimanded him he got defensive and aggressive.When I told him I won't do any more favours for him since he's getting too cocky.He said he won't beg me but when the air was cleared he returned to me for usage.I then cut ties with him.
phinya (34273)
329 days ago
This guy Petros to show how little he thought of me.He used to send me around like I was his messenger and even wanted me to fetch a book from his room that he wanted to lend to 1 of the girls we were in school with and a guy who was in the same room tipped me to refuse alerting me that he was going to make girls undermine me and take me for a messenger.He was right.Petros was telling me that going to fetch that book would be a chance to break my virginity.That girl would probably help me break my virginity.Claiming that he's had๐Ÿ’—plenty of times even if he doesn't get it anymore it doesn't mean anything.You can just hear words of peer pressure.When he was with better friends he had no time and made it clear even if I needed little help like fetching an item I needed from his room.
phinya (42784)
329 days ago
I also had a fake friend who was quick to judge me for a fake friend.I was in boarding school and was always alone because I was already used to being marginalized.This guy Petros noticed and took advantage so that he could use me for his selfish needs.He befriended and always wanted me to go extremes for him,always sacrifice for him when he wouldn't do the same for me.He got cocky when he realised how much I respected him and started controlling me and bullying me verbally and belittling me.Since I am tall and he's a midget whilst he was a year and a grade ahead of me he felt inferior so he pushed his inferiority complex in my direction to feel superior.He started acting as if he was doing meva favour by being my friend after using me countless times like he has better friends to hang out with so when I released him he was dissapointed.He thought I was going to run to him begging him but he begged his way back into my life so that he could just use me.I cut ties with ever since.
Ozone (87482)
347 days ago
I have a true friend who has never met me go even through a journey if sadness and anger. I have other friends but I sometimes think there fake but with my true friends I can be myself p. However my other friends I change myself to be like them. My true true true true friend will be my BFFL and life's a long time. My names not ozone btw ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ’
Carli (09570)
350 days ago
Ok, my bff ally is always hanging out at break time with these "popular" girls. In my grade (I'm in 5th grade) the popular girls r nice but still. My bff is always hanging out with them and I'm stuck with my 2nd and 3rd best friends who r totally completely awesome but can never replace ally. I wouldn't mind if it weren't so often, but she's with them every day. And she sits with the popular sat lunch, and she's barely with me at school.
Mack (97018)
367 days ago
For number 3 there should be an option for always fighting
Amber (04021)
453 days ago
I am grateful that i hv a bff.
But reading these comments i feel i m really lucky.....
Friends are important but not at the cost of ur own well choose wisely
Amber (04021)
453 days ago
I have a really great friend....we had drifted apart for some time but i realised that she is my real bff
Jmax (65022)
467 days ago
My so called bff verbal and physically abused me I still have scares on my arms and legs from her
I'mEmpty (31875)
475 days ago
All the people I have friends with have verbally abused me, treated me like I am the one who doesn't know things, laughed at me when I'm sad, not listening to my problems with them and just making me seem like the bad guy, telling me to change my appearance so people will like me, making me feel bad for the way I look or say. All these things I'm really insecure about as they already know... My friend ditched me to a party a week ago. I confronted her over text, told her I wasn't very happy about it, that she would just be taken away from her ex bff that said mean things about me and others a longtime ago. She sad that she hated her so much, but the second that girl comes over and my friend acts like she has missed her a lot, and after that they just talk and talk and talk. I have no problem with them talking about things that I can't relate to, it's just annoying that my friend would be so fake, Andes came together so I thought that we would also stay together like the others did. But at the end I just felt like an outsider and was dragged along for no reason. I felt like because this ex bff was much more popular now, that I was invisible to my bff. She also usually complained about not being popular and she would gossip about EVERYONE, so I'm 90% sure that she also does it to me. Back to when I confronted her. She didn't want to hear and called me a dramaqueen and that I should have just gone to the others. I didn't want o reply anymore after fighting with her over texts, and then she sends me a snap saying things like "wow, you mad just because of that? Omg"
No first of all. I'm not angry because of "THAT" I'm angry because of how you have treated me my whole life! You control me, you criticize me, you laugh at me, you make me feel bad, you make me more and more insecure, you jugde me so much that i have just given up on this friendship. I don't have any friends anymore. I just realized that, I have been stuck with the wrong people in my whole life. I had anxiety and they laughed when I cried at school, I felt all alone like I once did when I was bullied in my old school.... I may be very sensitive and I look down on my self, I think that I have to change myself for others. I'm just not happy.
I don't think we are friends anymore even though she looks at my fb profile the most and she puts my story snaps where she looks like she's happy to be with girls and guys and that she's now "popular and cool"
I'll admit that I may be jealous, so I have decided to hold parties with them in my class and make friends that may actually make me a much happier person:) I have gotten a lot of support from my family members, and some people from my old class want to hang out with me more now:)
I feel like I'm going the right way in life now
xxx (98023)
488 days ago
I hate my so called "friend". She started off acting like the best friend one could have, but after getting close to me, she left me to go with her "popular" friends. After that, she tried getting close to me twice, and I let her because I thought that she was really sorry, and wanted to be my friend again. But she grew distant and completely left me again. I found out later that the only reason why she was getting close to me was because her popular friend (s) were not at school, so the reason why she got close to me was only so she wouldn't be alone. Thank goodness I made two other good friends/had a bunch of good acquaintances. Now she's trying to get back to me again, but I'm not letting a backstabber like her to ever be my friend again.
Meg (51079)
507 days ago
I'm reading comments rn and I can associate myself with loats of u. I'm in high school now. I have only one friend that I have since I was born and that friends is male. Every female friend that I had broke my heart, stabbed me in back and just ran away.I had one friend, Karla, we became best friends couple years later then I met my male best friend. We were best friends 4 8 years but then someone better came in and she left me. Then there were 3 girls that were really good to me and after a while they left me. I was stabbed in my back again and no one cared, but Ian (my male best friend) so now in high school I had one friend and it seemed like it's going to work out, but couple of days ago she did the same thing everyone else did before her. So after everything I just stopped caring. I have Ian, I have my family, I have my dogs, and couple of friends (that are not my best friends but still quite good) that I love with my life. U know, all of us need someone, but be carefull while choosing, because u only ran into that someone once. Loats of love to all of u that were dumped by your friends. I know it can get rough sometimes but it was meant to be.
lucy (82419)
547 days ago
omg , last september my best friend josephine kept on talking to this girl ANNA and giving her hugs and exculding me then one day , she sid 'we're good friends but i have to play with my other friends' i said 'u dnt have to play with your other friends ,u just want to '' we never tlked since she kept ignoring me, i made a new friend niamh but after a while i realised things werent as good as the old good times , i had to stay friends with niamh for a long time , she was nice but she always went off on private chaats with people and saying mean things behind your back ,hopefully in a couple of weeks when i go to secondary school it will be different
Chelsie (08643)
556 days ago
Hey guys me and my bff kathryn have been friends for 11 years then this girl named ASHLEY moved here and we broke apart I'm moving I told her she don't care so
TigerLilly888 (83886)
570 days ago
My friend can be annoying but she's still MY friend!
Annoying (52525)
572 days ago
Omg! I feel like my friends don't actually like me and I've been friends with them all my life! One doesn't like me cause of my religon and the other seems not to trust me! But they act as if they like me!I've got 2 bffs, them. I don't even think they are my bffs! Theyou always blame me, they do ๐Ÿ’— stuff to me: say I'm in love with this popular guy (they go up to him and say oh thingy likes you) and the worst thing they always go on stick together. I've wasted time with them when I could have been doing something better. They always talk in private and tell me they are talking about adult stuff, they say I stalk people , they go like OMG DID YOU FART in front of the whole class ano whoever is sit next to in class,who is a boy, I am apparently married to them according to them. They always embass me and never seem feel what I feel. The cry over a tiny scratch and I rember getting hit with a hard ball and they saw me and did nothing. SUCH 'TRU FRIENDS' Who can help me try to talk to them about staying just friends not bffs?
Alexis Bram (23719)
572 days ago
My best friend is a backstabbing JERK! I has a new bff now and that makes me smile!
Sophie (90404)
575 days ago
My best friend did something really mean. Basically I made friends with this girl (ill call her Annie) and Intraduced Annie to (ill call my so called bestie AJ) AJ. After a couple of days with Annie AJ began to ignore me and run away from me and avoid me taking Annie with her and leaving me Alone! But what annoys me most is that she couldn't be bothered to make her own friend!! But I just ignore her now I know her true side ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Guest (17932)
595 days ago
This so ๐Ÿ’— you're not allowed to choose that you haven't done (blank) with your friend. 1. We haven't fought yet, now what? 2. We haven't been friends for a year and it doesn't feel like forever.
OHMIGOD just stop trying to tell us that our life has to be THIS PARTICULAR WAY