Does my crush like me quiz?

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This quiz a will ask you ten questions some scenario quizzes some aren't. This quiz isn't 100% accurate because no quiz can tell you what another person is feeling or thinking. That is until we have mind reading technology!

  • 1
    Scenario question- You're at a party and you see your crush standing at the snack table. You walk over to him and begin to talk, he?
    You're both friends and you talk for a little bit before we walks back to his other friends
    You don't know much about him so you say hi and introduce yourself, he does the same and walks away
    You talk for ages and then he asks you dance.
    You introduce yourself and say hello but he just looks at you like you have 2 heads and walks away
    You're both really close friends and you talk for a while before he asks you to dance
  • 2
    You are now on the dance floor together. What does your crush do?
    Dances a fun and quirky dance as you're close friends
    Dances a slow and romantic dance with you
    He didn't dance with you
  • 3
    At the end of the night everyone is leaving, your guy?
    Runs after you to say bye and tells you you'll see him tomorrow at school
    Meets up with you and escorts you to your car
    Goes out of his way to avoid you
    Waves at you and walks to his car
  • 4
    The next day at lunch you see him talking to his friends. You walk over to him and ask 'Can I sit here?' He says?
    Okay, for a fry
    You're already friends so you were going to sit next to him anyway
    Sure, I had a great time last night
    No, please leave (He sounds like a jerk, there are plenty of other fish in the sea)
  • 5
    No more scenario questions! Does your crush stare at you
    He did this once
    No, never (it's okay, he doesn't deserve you anyway)
    All the time
    Once or twice
  • 6
    Does he ever touch you
    No, why would he?
    No but he looks at me often
    Yes, on the hand
    Yes, he touched my face
    No but I hate begin touched
  • 7
    What's your relationship with your crush?
    Best friends
    He doesn't know I exist
    Great friends
    He hates me
  • 8
    Do you have a lot in common with your crush?
    No, we have nothing in common
    Yes, we share most interests
    Yes, we share a few interests
    Yes, we share some interests
    Yes, we are like twins
  • 9
    What do you talk about with your crush
    We don't talk, CAUSE HE DOESNT KNOW I EXSIT! Me: ok take a chill pill!
    Everything and anything
    School or co-curricular
    Not much he's kinda shy.
    Fun stuff and weird stuff
  • 10
    Is he single?
    No, he and his gf are very happy.:(
    Single and ready to mingle: D
    No, but they aren't happy
    Yeah, but he was just involved in a messy break-up
    I think so

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jj ( 5.110 )
Posted 248 days ago
I love my crush he hot, I even dream about him walking behind me and I know that mean something