Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

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Some weird scientist woke up one day and thought to himself 'Let's create a zombie apocalypse'. You know what happened next, right? No? Yes? A zombie outbreak, ok?

  • 1
    The outbreak happens. What do you do first off?
    Get your best friends together and make a plan to survive, then gather supplies.
    Stay right at your TV and just be lazy.
    Gather supplies.
    Kill yourself.
    Run around screaming 'MOMMY!'.
  • 2
    You find a weapons cache. What do you do?
    Gather as much ammo and guns as you can possibly hold.
    Don't grab anything.
    Get a gun and kill yourself.
  • 3
    You meet a group of survivors. What do you do?
    Pass them, but steal some stuff.
    Join them.
    Run around naked (random, I know...).
    Blow them up.
  • 4
    One of your survivors get bitten. What do you do?
    Shoot their brains out.
    Tease them, then shoot them.
    Run away.
    Tie them up until they convert and let them say their last words, then blow their brains out.
  • 5
    You find a cat that is nice and has not been bitten. What do you do?
    Eat it.
    Kill it by throwing it off a building.
    Keep it.
  • 6
    A horde of zombies run towards you. What do you do?
    Kill yourself.
    Run away.
    Kill them (LIKE A BOSS).
  • 7
    You find a whole city that hasn't been affected yet. What do you do?
    Run around the streets naked (soooooo tempting).
    Leave it alone.
    Steal some food.
    Live there.
  • 8
    You find a survivor, but he is tied up. He tells you to help him as a gang of people tied him up. What do you do?
    Inspect him for bites, then let him free.
    Let him free.
    Shoot him.
  • 9
    You find a Nerf Titan. What do you do?
    Shoot it.
    Don't touch it.
    Use it cause it hurts.
  • 10
    The apocalypse is almost finished. There are still about 100 zombies left in the whole world. What do you do?
    You take the journey home.
    You find a zombie, then let it bite you.
    You shoot all you can find.
  • 11
    50 left! However, now the whole of society has turn rogue and will steal food from whoever they can. What do you do?
    Keep your food in a safe place.
    Join a group of scavengers.
    Kill yourself as you cannot bear to see society like this.
  • 12
    20 left! Society is getting better! People are growing food and life is getting better. However, a gang tries to kill you. What do you do?
    Let them kill you
    Run away.
    Kill them.
  • 13
    10 left! You are finally able to live in a nice house! However, there are 5 zombies charging towards you. What do you do?
    Let them bite you.
    Kill them.
    Let them ruin your house.
  • 14
    1 left! However, this zombie is a mega-zombie! It charges for you! What do you do?
    Scream and gather up people and shoot it together.
    Let it bite you.
    Try and kill it.
  • 15
    The apocalypse is finally over, and you are the mayor of your town! What do you do to finish?
    Lead the town until death.
    Kill yourself.
    Announce your retirement, your rich anyways!

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