Do you really belong in Gryffindor?

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Lots of quizzes weigh over to this house because of the famous Harry Potter, the chosen one!
Do you really belong there?
Let's sort you out...

  • 1
    How many quizzes about your proper house have you done before this?
    About 2
    More than 10
    About 5
    I did one...
  • 2
    What is most important to you?
  • 3
    When you get lost, what do you do to find your way back?
    I never get lost
    I look at a map
    I research on a magical computer
    I ask someone (so humiliating)
  • 4
    There is a fork in the road.
    Right - a path of roots and loose dirt. It doesn't look too dangerous. You can see that some people have gone this way.

    Left- a path that is beaten. You can't see where you are going, but you looked it up that it is the original way back.
  • 5
    Are your grades important to you?
    Not really... What's life without some fun?
    Yeah, my parents pressure me.
    I don't know. It doesn't really affect my loyalties.
    Yes. I have to stay in NHS! I need that gold cord when I graduate.
  • 6
    There are a group of kids who are mocking a mud blood.
    They are big.
    They look bad.
    There are about 6.
    I get the kid out of there. Mud bloods aren't any different.
    I look on, but I don't do anything.
    I join the mockery. Now there are 7
    I walk past... I'm a mud blood
    I laugh, but don't join in. Who knows who might come along!
  • 7
    This term you have to do a short paper on sports. What angle are you going to do?
    The inter workings of the game
    From the perspective of the score keeper.
    Ways to end the game by working as a team.
    In the action.
  • 8
    You see a unicorn that has been killed, what now?
    Isn't your problem
    RUN! Whoever did it is cursed with a half life.
    Research who would do it.
    I knew I should have hid its body better!
    Find who did it.
  • 9
    What would you so if there was a test?
    Study... (My parents are in the room right now. I have to say this!)
    Study! (Is there another option?)
    I study at the last four minutes before the test. I read the whole chapter and briefly look over the vocabulary. Who needs to actually do homework?
    I have so much going on! So much exploring. Studying can wait, wing it.
  • 10
    Where do you want to go most?
    In big group of true friends
    Somewhere dark so I can be broody
    Quiet place
    Thrill ride
  • 11
    You're sick in an important game!
    Go with the pain
    I am SICK! No classes!
    Suck it up, then throw it up
  • 12
    You are in front of you worst nightmare. You know it' say dream, but it isn't a nice one. What are you going to do?
    I run away
    I fight it until it isn't scary, or I win.
    I fly away
    I let it kill me...
    I wake up. Lucid dream ;)
  • 13
    What would the actual sorting hat say on your head?
    A Weasly! I know just where to put you
    Clever girl (not the velociraptor in Jurassic Park)
    Oh, a friendly one!
    Hey! You're on Duck Dynasty! Woo-ho
    I don't even half to try! You are destined
  • 14
    In The Little Mermaid, what is your favorite song?
    Poor Unfortunate Souls
    Under the Sea
    I'm so not justifying this question!
    Part of your world
    Kiss the Girl
  • 15
    People describe you as
    Show off
  • 16
    Do you want to be a goody goody witch or wizard. Always listening. Always obeying. Always boring.?
    I don't want to go evil, I just want some flavor.
    Yes. Rules are rules!
  • 17
    How would you describe your room decor?
  • 18
    What does this word want to make you do?

    Do whatever is around it
    Maybe later
    Back away slowly
    Smile and wave boys
    Turn around and walk away like you were never there
  • 19
    On previous quizzes did you select Gryffindor as what you'd like to be put in?
  • 20
    The finally!

    Divergent is basically Harry Potter in a dystopia setting. What fraction are you in those quizzes?
    The giving people

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Gryffindor ( 82.39 )
Posted 313 days ago
People said Neville Longbottom wasn't brave enough to be in Gryffindor. He proved them wrong. Just like I'll prove you wrong.