Teen Wolf fan quiz. Are you a Fan?

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So this test is basically to see if you are a true TW fan!

  • 1
    What is stiles? (Dylan O'Brien)
  • 2
    Who does Kate Argent (Were-Jaguar) attack in season 4?
    A shopping customer
    A Hiker
    A gas station attendant
    A omega
    A pregnant women
  • 3
    What pattern was Erica Reyes (Gage Golightly) wearing on her platforms (heals) when she went to school the day after she got bitten?
    Wolf fur
    Cow pattern
    Mountain lion
  • 4
    What happened to the dog that Allison (Crystal Reed) bought into the veterinary clinic?
    She found it by the side of the road
    It got stuck in a wolfs trap
    It wondered into her backyard
    It got hit by her car and broke its leg
    It was a rabid dog
  • 5
    What season did Scott (Tyler Posey) become a true alpha?
    Season 5
    Season 3
    Season 1
    Season 4
    Season 2
  • 6
    What did stiles (Dylan O'Brien) say to turn down the bite from peter?
    I don't want to be like you
    I want to be the smart human
    I want to eat some fries
    I want to be a human forever
    I just want some chicken nuggets
  • 7
    What were the three first sacrifices?
    3 soldiers
    3 musitions
    3 virgins
    3 wolves
    3 alphas
  • 8
    Who locked up scott on the full moon?
    Alissons dad (werewolf hunter)
  • 9
    How does stiles define lying? (eg. liar)
    Saying a wrong answer
    Telling someone something that is not true
    Laying down in a horizontal position
    Hiding secrets
    Trying to deny the truth
  • 10
    What are a wolves 5 senses?
    Can speak all languages, slow, hearing, wolf, strong
    Can't hear long distance, isn't strong, loves the ladies, kills everyone, smells like fish.
    Hearing, strong, healing, speed, smelling, seeing in the dark.
    Slow, strong, smelling, seeing in the dark, hearing.
    Super strong, can't smell a thing, great grades, slow, hearing.
  • 11
    What do you rate this quiz?
  • 12
    How does Kate become a were-jaguar?
    She was tested on in a lab
    Peter cuts to deep with his claws
    She drinks a wizard potion
    Scott turns her
    Peter bites her

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