Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

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Wanna know if you can survive some zombies? You've clicked the right quiz

  • 1
    You turn on the tv and the news says that there's a zombie apocalypse, what do you do?
    Call for help
    Gather up some weapons
    Pack up all your stuff and leave from that place
  • 2
    You have a choice to choose your base, where would you choose?
    Home, it's the safest
    Find an area far away from home
    Find some more people and let them decide
    Try to find an area with lots of medicine, food and supplies
  • 3
    You are traveling and you find a gang of survivors, what do you do?
    Join them
    Walk away
    Join them only if they agree to do what you say
    Steal all their supplies and kill them
  • 4
    Your mother has been bit by a zombie, what do you do?
    Do nothing, she is your mother and you will be with her till the bitter end
    Try to take her to a safe place to treat her
    Kill her before she turns
    Leave her and go
  • 5
    Zombies have entered your base and have got hold of the other survivors, what do you do?
    Get all your closest friends and supplies and run away
    Try to be quiet and hide
    Provide the whole group with weapons and split up to kill zombies
    Leave all the survivors to die and run away
  • 6
    All your gang members are getting weapons, which one do you choose?
    A machete
    You choose to be with another person instead of a weapon
    You don't need weapons, you just need food and medicine
    You pick a shipper rifle
  • 7
    You are fighting off zombies and notice your friend being bit by a zombie on her arm, what do you do?
    Not do anything, I need to take care of myself first
    Secretly bring her to a sheltered area and treat her
    Chop her arm off
    Ask another person to help her
  • 8
    You realize on of your closest friends has killed your sister, what do you do?
    Kill him
    Go on your own without anyone else
    Kick him out of the group
    Cry and never speak to him again
  • 9
    Your group is joined by a little girl who is looking for her parents, you realize her parents are dead, what do you tell her?
    Keep it to yourself, you can't put too much pressure on her
    Make up an excuse
    Ask someone else to tell her
    Tell her the truth, she has a right to know
  • 10
    There is a herd of zombies approaching you, what do you do so that you don't get killed?
    Try to find another way to get out without having to face the zombies
    Smear zombie guts on yourself
    Try to kill as many zombies as possible
    Wait until there are no more zombies, you need to be safe

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Josh ( 9.175 )
Posted 155 days ago
Bad questions, bad options for answers, OMG bad spelling!
Bad quiz, try harder!
Writer of this quiz would last about 2 days in that new world!
allthetest.com looks a little like atheist.com (just saying)