Which character in the Avengers movie would you be?

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I know this sounds strange, but haven't you wondered about it? You can be... Phil, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor or Loki.

  • 1
    You are at a party (it's at your house). Where would you be?
    With my friends.
    Relaxing for once, but still prepared for anything.
    I'm the center of attention everywhere I go.
    Watching on the sidelines.
    In my room. I hate get-togethers.
  • 2
    What are your grades like?
    What do you think? I'm brilliant!
    A's and B's, mostly A's
    A's and B's
    Straight A's
    A's, because I study.
  • 3
    How is your social life?
    A few friends that I trust with my life.
    A few close friends.
    I only have acquaintances.
    A few friends that help me whenever something goes wrong.
    Friends, acquaintances, whatever you can think of, I've got.
  • 4
    How is your love life?
    I've got a boyfriend.
    Who needs love?
    I have a girlfriend.
    I used to be in a relationship, but now...
    I'm a lovable guy. Who can resist me?
  • 5
    How do you spend your holidays and days off?
    I eat and sleep and hang out with friends.
    I think a lot.
    I exercise.
    I have extracurriculars.
  • 6
    If you saw a child alone on the sidewalk crying, what would you do?
    Help as best as you can.
    Ask if anyone could help. You're in a hurry.
    Walk around it and pretend nothing happened.
    Try to help.
    Ask him/her why they were crying.
  • 7
    What do you think of yourself?
    Well, I think that I do the best for everyone whenever there's a problem...
    Why should I answer this?
    Strict but kind, too.
    Depends on the situation.
    I am the best.
  • 8
    When faced with a difficult problem, what do you do?
    Fix it, solve it, whatever and move on.
    If I'm around, the problem is as good as solved.
    Help in any way I can.
    Do my best to solve it.
    If it's about me, I would send my henchmen to fix it. If it's not about me, why would I care?
  • 9
    So... Just thinking aloud here. Who do you think you'll get and why?
    Black Widow, because I'm prepared for everything.
    Iron Man, because I'm awesome.
    Thor, because I am The Mighty God Of Thunder.
    Loki, because I purposefully answered as indifferently as possible.
    Phil, because I tend to think logically in every situation.
  • 10
    How was this quiz?
    It was... eh.
    I could have been doing something more interesting, but it was cool.
    It was interesting.
    I can't believe I'm still here. Why are you mortals so annoying?
    It was fine. I wasted a lot of time, though.

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